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Foodie Goodies You Can Gift this Christmas

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These scrumptious treats are perfect for gifting. That is, if you don’t eat them all, first.

It’s that time of the year when all that matters is cozying up in corners and wearing oversized jumpers, and when the only thing to mull over is wine. And what’s better than spreading the cheer by gifting and sharing festive treats? Eating them! Here are some easy recipes you need to try this Christmas that also make great personal gifts!


Spiced Nuts

A delightful combination of Rosemary, Honey and Paprika these nuts are great to serve with drinks or even make cute ‘Thank You” tokens to bring along to a party. Get the recipe here.
Have friends with nut allergies, but think they would love the spice mix? Just replace the nuts with pieces of stale bread and you have yourself some spiced croutons that are equally enjoyable on their own or added to soups.

Salted caramel

Salted Caramel Sauce

Gift this jar of liquid gold because it’s not just caramel sauce; it’s homemade salted caramel sauce. Perfect for pouring, dipping, lip smacking sinfulness and all things naughty. Gee isn’t that nice!


Ginger White Choc & Peppermint Dark Choc Pretzels

Coated in subtly spiced ginger white chocolate or decadent peppermint dark chocolate is the best way to enjoy pretzels this Christmas! These bite-sized goodies make for easy gifting solutions when you are pressed for time. Find out how to make these here.


Cinnamon Chocolate Orange Cookies

No “goodies for foodies” list would be complete without the inclusion of cookies. In particular, cookies with a soft core that sing of cinnamon and are perfectly moreish with chocolate orange chips. Stack these up with little paper doilies or present them in little boxes. Click here for the recipe.

ginger bread cookie butter

Ginger Bread Cookie Butter

Hah. Yes, that’s right you can make cookie butter at home! And with store bought ginger cookies, this one is a holiday hack you will want to try! Spread over warm toast or add it to your bowl of oats. This elevates everything to a Christmas treat. Get this recipe from here.


Toffee Apple Sauce

A lighter, deconstructed version of a candy or toffee apple. This sauce is a great addition to spiced pancakes, French toasts and can even spruce up a plain old bowl of cereal. As a gift, you could pair this with a DIY pancake mix, these compliment each other beautifully! Click here to make this.

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