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French Lessons: Learning the Language of Love

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En français, s’il vous plaît?

Looking to learn the language of love or brush up on your French? There are often a plethora of classes kiddos can take these days and it can be overwhelming with all the tutoring centres and schedules. My French Teacher is not your typical tutoring centre – in fact, it’s quite the opposite. If you’re looking to make your life a tad bit easier (we all know how much you juggle, mama!), then My French Teacher might be the best set up for you.

As a mobile tutoring service, your particular teacher will travel to wherever is most convenient for you, be it a café or your house. The founder, Anthony Rost, takes on most of classes and differentiates the service from others by really focusing on engaging his students with fun activities, stimuli, and games. Say “goodbye” to snoozeville language classes!

I had the opportunity of meeting Anthony and brushing up on my conversational French. He was warm and personable and has over 15 years of teaching experience! We started with a conversation in French which I found really helpful as it eased me back into the language; as several years without practicing has left me all rusty!

Anthony tailors the structure of each class according to each student’s abilities and learning goals. He’ll usually introduce some kind of stimuli next, to keep the student interested. He showed me a video from a popular French TV show (sometimes it might be song lyrics or music videos) and asked me to narrate each scene. We then ended with playing a vocabulary game. I found that because the class was done in an engaging manner, I was more interested and ended up learning more! All the while he used Evernote to keep track of the class. He uses this platform (which can be used wirelessly) to jot down notes, share files and send voice recordings to students.

The regular pricing for each 60 minute class is $550HKD for one-on-one and $350HKD for an online session. If you’re looking to learn in a group setting, a three to four person class is around $300HKD per person. They also offer a trial price at $350HKD and packages; for more information on prices, click here. For other information about their service, check out their website.

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