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Mai Po Night Safari This Summer

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Looking for a unique summer activity the whole family will enjoy?  Feel the need to get back to nature a bit and have your kids explore the great outdoors right here in their own backyard?  We’ve got just the thing! Hong Kong’s Mai Po Night Safari!

The wetlands around the Mai Po marshes and Inner Deep Bay offer visitors a chance to experience Hong Kong’s biodiversity first-hand. And with summer here, one of the World Wildlife Foundation’s most beloved tours the Night Safari — is back!

Guided by a nature interpreter, participants will witness this world-renowned wetland and ecologically diverse conservation site in a way few will ever do.  Discover  some of Mai Po’s nocturnal animals, such as roosting birds, bats, fireflies and moths.  And with a bit of luck, who knows, you may even be able to see leopard cats and otters!  The remarkable sunset and moonrise in one of the most tranquil places in Hong Kong are mesmerizing, too!  (As  is experiencing the unique scene of hundreds of birds flying to their nests for the night).

The tours take place every Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday between May and August.  They begin around sundown and last roughly 4 hours. Learn more about Mai Po’s “Night Safari Episode One — Action in the Starlight” and register your space on a tour here.

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