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Feel Your Best with Restoring Mums Slimum® Treatments

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Whether you’re in need of post-natal healing or are feeling a bit ‘blah’ about your post-baby body, Restoring Mums’ slimum® Treatments are here to help.

After giving birth, our bodies are in need of plenty TLC, which unfortunately we often don’t allow the time for because of a new number one priority – bub! If there’s one thing you should do for yourself, it’s a slimum® Treatment, a restorative and rejuvenating experience that will leave you feeling like a new mama!

So what exactly are slimum® Treatments? Designed by Restoring Mums founder, Karen Loke, slimum® uses techniques of traditional Malaysian ‘Jamu’ post-natal massage, abdominal binding, lymphatic drainage and scar massage – tried and tested techniques, these are delivered by a professionally trained therapist to promote post-natal recovery and help naturally shape your body back closer to its pre-baby figure.

Our Sassy Mama editor, Kat highly recommends the slimum® abdominal binding treatment, which seeks to protect womb-integrity. After Kat gave birth to her second baby, she had the opportunity to try out slimum® Tummy and slimum® Body which produced amazing results after five days. She isn’t the only one who’s pleased with the results of the binding.

One of Restoring Mum’s clients, Dr. Melody Hui says, “Although a registered medical doctor, I love to try out different methods of self-beautification. This tummy massage and abdominal binding worked for me profoundly. I was very surprised to find myself fitting into my old skinny jeans 6 weeks after my delivery! Many thanks to Karen’s skilful and experienced binding technique. I surely would look for her again if I have a third pregnancy!”

Both treatments include abdominal binding technique that understands a woman’s anatomy after delivery. The binding supports the healing of the abdominal area by wrapping the entire torso in a nice snug support for the body to heal together. You can say “hello” to that pre-baby waistline a lot faster!

What’s fab is that this abdominal binding technique is also perfect for mums who have had diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal muscles) as a result of pregnancy and helps with biding the muscles back in place and creating an easier process for the gap to close.

slimum® treatments have your wellbeing in mind, too, with herbal remedies and therapeutic essential oils leaving you feeling ten times calmer than you did at the start of the treatment.

Before the trained therapists deliver your individualised treatment, Karen will personally visit you at your appointment, taking the time to understand what your body needs. The team at Restoring Mums know that every mama is different, each experiencing maternity in her own, unique way. They will ensure that the techniques address what will best help to support your recovery, with the treatment adapted to your requirements and requests.

It’s easy to forget that someone else needs looking after alongside your little one…you! And remember a happy mum means a happy baby! Give your body the pampering and recuperation it deserves with a slimum® treatment from Restoring Mums… why not take advantage of their ‘Two Together Offers’, and book with another mama for some great deals?

All the details

What: Restoring Mums ‘Two Together Offers’: Book slimum® BODY x 10 sessions together with another mum, and both of you will save $3,000 each! OR, book a slimum® TUMMY x 10 sessions together with another mum, and 1 of the 10 slimum® TUMMY sessions will be upgraded to a slimum® BODY treatment. Offers expires on Tuesday, 31 May, 2016.

How to redeem: Write to [email protected] to place your booking with the following details:

Names Mum 1 Mum 2
Mobile Phone
Due Date
Method of Delivery

Restoring Mums, Room 802, 8/F, OfficePlus @ Sheung Wan, 93-103 Wing Lok Street, Hong Kong, 6707 3433;

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