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Mini Goddess gets with the programme at Cotton On!

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It was with great sadness – and not to mention a slight twinge of panic – when we saw the hallowed doors of high street wonder H&M close in Central last month – where are we supposed to go for affordable high street clothing for our kids on Hong Kong Island?!

Don’t despair, mama! Help is at hand at the recently opened Cotton On store in Causeway Bay at Lee Theatre Plaza. This store has a fab kids section, including baby stuff, and is certainly worth a ride down the Island Line!

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By no means is the store massive, but Cotton On have made very good use of limited space, and jam-packed the kids section with affordable designs for both boys and girls.

In true Cotton On style there are some great deals to be had with plenty of 2 for $120, or 2 for $140 deals on certain tops and sweat pants.

The designs are good, with fab use of prints and pops of colour – often reminiscent of their much more expensive Aussie counterpart Seed – but suffice to say your purse strings will be far happier after a shopping excursion to Cotton On!

So, here is what got the shopping antennae twitching this week:

For the Boys:
Mamas of boys, you’ll be pleased to know that the little lads are fairly represented, with a good selection of separates including staples such as shorts, jeans and sweat pants, plus a good range of vests, tees and smart shirts… they’ve even thrown swim shorts into the mix too! Tailored shorts are priced around $139 mark, with plenty of polo shirts priced at 2 for $140 and graphic tees galore priced at 2 for $120.

Sassy Mama Ed Kate F. (mum to Alex, aged two) chimes in: “The printed combat shorts are going strong in our house, and are smart enough for brunch or playground. They wash well, and are heavy-duty enough for even his most rough-and-tumble games!” 

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For the Girls
Currently stocked with great summer options for the lingering Hong Kong heat, including staple cotton sundresses in bright colours; fun dress up skirts to make any budding ballerina or princess smile, and heaps of tops from basic tees to embroidered neon numbers. If you’re looking for winter options hoodies, sweat pants, jeans, sweaters, quilted gilets and even duffle coats are starting to make their presence felt in store. Dresses range in price from $79 to $199; denim skirts at $139; hoodies at $119 and again, lots of 2 for $120 and 2 for $140 deals on tops, including skirt-and-top combos for $120. 

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Regardless of limited space, Cotton On does not disappoint on the accessory front with a fab selection of hair goodies, slip-on ballet pumps and flip-flops for the girls. For the boys, there are sunhats, water bottles, and flip-flops – all in boyish prints – and even croc-inspired shoes at a mere $59 (or possibly $79!) a pair… my memory is not what it used to be  – either way they’re a bargain!

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For the Babes
The baby section is smaller in comparison to the older kids’ space, but it’s still worth a peek, with cute onesies for only $59, leggings, bibs at 2 for $80, tees and even a sleeping bag or two at $169.

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Opening Hours:
11:00 – 22:00 (Sunday to Thursday and public holidays)
11:00 – 23:00 (Friday, Saturday and the eve of public holidays)

Cotton On, 2/F, Lee Theatre Plaza, 99 Percival Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Tel: 2557 1110

Happy Shopping, Mini Gods and Goddesses!

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