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Peekapak: Get crafty with the kiddos!

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It’s always great to hear of a new start-up in Hong Kong, and here at Sassy Mama we’re very happy to show our local businesses a bit of love! So get ready for some lovin’, Peekapak!

This brand new innovative is so refreshing for us mamas, as it offers an alternative to ‘screen-time’ for the kids, encouraging creativity and imagination. Peekapak offer hands-on activity packs designed to inspire and instil a bit of wonder in our children’s lives. Fun activity boxes focus on storytelling and inquiry based learning, using cute crafts to get the kids interacting. Designed for children aged 3-7 years old, each pack includes an illustrated storybook, engaging crafts and educational tidbits that will have the little ones occupied for hours – phew!

With materials included and a cast of recurring characters, these little packs are a great way to entertain and educate your kids. With six different packs and six different prices, there’s something here for every child (and every mama’s budget)! It’s great to see basic craft materials, active participation and a healthy dose of imagination used together to create something magical for children. Make storytelling come to life by spending quality time with your child and bring it back to the old days (when technology didn’t take over our lives!) by getting crafty!

If this sounds like something you’d like to try out with your munchkin, get buying up those Peekapak boxes! They’ve just reached their Kickstarter goal – whoopee! – (check out the video here), so this new business needs all the support it can get. Show those mamas some love!

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