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Pitter Painter’s Summer Arts and Crafts: By The Sea

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It’s summertime and that means the kiddos are running around reckless. Finding things to entertain them both outdoors and indoors is sometimes tricky. On those rainy days when the television just won’t cut it, making a mess with arts and crafts is a great way to keep their minds creatively working. The little ones will be dreaming of the beach with this art project from Pitter Painter!

Pitter Painter - By The Sea 1

Materials needed

Watercolour paper
Paints (watercolor, acrylic or tempera)


Pitter Painter - By The Sea Collage 1

1. Cover about 2/3 of your paper in yellow ochre. Water the paint down a bit so the white of the paper peeks through the paint.

2. Cover the rest of the paper with a bluish colour. You can add some strokes of white and blend it in with the blue to create ripples in your sea.

Pitter Painter - By The Sea Collage 2

3. To paint the sea foam, tap some white paint on to the border of the blue and yellow ochre. Don’t water down the white paint. Stickier is better.

4. Paint two kidney bean shapes on the sand part of your paper. Don’t worry too much about keeping them straight or even. Just have fun with it. Add a bit of white paint to your colour of choice to make it opaque and cover the sand’s yellow ochre.

Pitter Painter - By The Sea Collage 3

5. Create a flip-flop pattern. We used suns, but you can use dots, stripes, palm trees, or any design you wish they had in the store.

6. Finish off the flip-flops with the straps. Think of them as an upside down V-shape.

7. If you like, you can anchor the flip flops to the painting by painting shadows around it. This is easily done by watering down some brown paint and glazing around the edges. Remember that shadows normally fall on just one side of an object so just go either left or right.

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