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Water Sports And Activities For Kids In Hong Kong

water sports hong kong water activities for kids watersports hk kitesurfing wakeboarding wakesurfing kayaking surfing sailing paddle boarding in hong kong
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Surf’s up, Sassy Mamas! You may not think of Hong Kong as great place for water sports for kids, but you’d be surprised. From snorkelling on Sharp Island to wakeboarding to indoor surfing in Water World, Hong Kong has a whole host of options of water activities for the whole family to enjoy…

When water is your landing ground, it’s the perfect excuse to go all out! Of course, safety precautions still need to be taken (especially when it comes to the safety of your little ones) so we’ve rounded up some Sassy Mama approved water sports that really allow you to have a splashin’ good time. Plus, plenty of these classes offer family-friendly options, so you know your little water baby will be in good hands!

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water sports hong kong water activities for kids watersports hk splash scuba diving snorkelling

Snorkelling And Scuba Diving In Hong Kong

Hong Kong may not have the cleanest waters, but you’d be surprised at the marine life you can spot out in Clearwater Bay (the hint’s in the name). It’s also a great base location to learn how to scuba dive at your own pace before you plan a diving holiday in Asia. We recommend getting a scuba diving certification (beginner and technical diving options below) here in Hong Kong and starting here before heading out overseas. For some shallow water snorkelling, look at the waters surrounding Sharp Island, just a short ferry trip from Sai Kung.

  • Splash – Highly professional scuba diving company that offers PADI Open Water Diver Courses, PADI Scuba Diving Certification courses and diving trips abroad.
  • Marina Dive – Diving courses for beginners and several advanced technical diving courses, and a shop to get all your scuba gear.
  • Go Green Travel HK – Offers a half-day tour for adults and children aged 8 years and above to explore the marine life.
  • Holimood – Parent-child snorkelling experiences all over Hong Kong. 

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water sports hong kong water activities for kids watersports hk splash wakeboarding in hong kong wake surfing wake boarding wakesurfing hoverboard water skiing in hk

Wakeboarding And Wakesurfing In Hong Kong

Wakeboarding has massively increased in popularity in the last few years, so why not make your way out into the water for an experience like no other? If only one board and a rope sounds intimidating, opt for water skiing instead, or try wakesurfing and hoverboard lessons for the adrenaline junkies in the family! Plenty of junk boat packages in Hong Kong come with wakeboarding for an additional cost, but that’s added fun in the sea!

  • Wakeboard HK – The perfect place to meet all your extreme water sports needs, from wakeboarding to water skiing to wake surfing and even flyboard sessions.
  • WPS Wakeboard HK – For a dedicated one-on-one instructor who teaches all levels of learners.

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water sports hong kong water activities for kids watersports hk kayaking canoeing wild hong kong classes

Kayaking In Hong Kong

For a more laid-back option, why not try kayaking or canoeing? It’s a great way to get in a quick upper body workout and one of the best ways to enjoy the serene Hong Kong waters (don’t expect any white-water rapids action here!). The best spots are in Sai Kung and you can usually find kayak rentals at sports centres and beaches. Kayaking is great for your growing little ones if they are looking for a bit of a challenge. Best to save this one for when they are over the age of 8, or over the age of constant complaining (please, please say there’s an age for that!).

  • GeoPark Kayaking – Great for beginner and intermediate level paddlers who want to explore remote islands and untouched beaches.
  • Aqua-Bound – This Stanley Beach centre offers kayaking as well as windsurfing, SUP, and wakeboarding, so there’ll be something for all levels.

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water sports hong kong water activities for kids watersports hk surfing treasure island surfing camp surfing classes SUP stand up paddle boarding

Surfing In Hong Kong

For our experienced surfers who need no introduction to this beautiful sport, Big Wave Beach is the spot to go. For those new to the sport, never fear! There are classes offered to kiddos as young as 4 and for their mamas and papas! Warning: weekends draw in big crowds so be prepared! If your little one is really invested, consider a surfing camp, or even a private party for a unique birthday.

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water sports hong kong water activities for kids watersports hk paddle boarding blue sky sports club sup stand up paddle boarding surfing hong kong

Paddle Boarding In Hong Kong

Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) is a water sport staple in Sai Kung (Hong Kong’s hotspot for access to beautiful beaches). It’s a great way to explore the beauty of Hong Kong while standing on water, with your tween enjoying the ride by your side. A bonus: paddle boarding is one of the best core and arm workouts we know.

  • Blue Sky Sports Club – Multiple water sports activities in Hong Kong, with SUP and kayak rentals, eco-tours and summer camps for beginners.
  • Hong Kong Surf And Stand Up Paddle Association – Check out the SUP Training Camp for kids aged 13 to 17 if they wish to get truly immersed for 3 days, there’s also a Summer Sup Training Program for little ones above the age of 8.

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water sports hong kong water activities for kids watersports hk kiteboarding kitesurfing hong kong

Kiteboarding In Hong Kong

Though not quite a kiddie-appropriate activity, this is for all the thrill-seeking teens, mamas and papas out there! If wakeboarding had a sibling, it would be kiteboarding. While the two are very similar, kiteboarding depends much more on the right wind conditions, which makes the sport even more interesting in our opinion. So if you fancy pairing your water-ready-teenager with a day of perfect wind conditions, check this out!

  • Kiteboarding Association Of Hong Kong – A variety of courses available including a 1-day Discovery (to determine is kiteboarding is really for you) to a 3-day Beginner Package.
  • Hong Kong Kiteboarding School – A learning centre and shop run by Kitesurfing Instructor Davy Tang based on Lantau Island.

water sports hong kong water activities for kids watersports hk sailing for kids boat club family sailing trip lessons for children Unsplash

Sailing In Hong Kong

Does your child enjoy a strong wind and sea spray? Sailing is just the sport for young explorers and pirates alike. Send your little one for lessons from the age of 7 to become acquainted with the basics and safety measures for sailing on specially designed dinghies. This is obviously a lower intensity activity than the others, but it’s never too soon to get comfortable with the seas, and your kids will pick up transferable skills and disciplines as a seasoned sailor.

  • Aberdeen Boat Club – Youth and adult courses for both members and non-members, plus kayak and SUP lessons!
  • Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club – Sail training (and rowing and paddle sports courses) for ages 7 and up.

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water world ocean park water sports hong kong water activities for kids watersports hk indoor surfing simulator water world hong kong waterworld

Water World Ocean Park Hong Kong

If your little one was born with water wings, take the family out for a day trip to Water World in Ocean Park (or stay at one of their hotels and make a weekend of it!). From wave pools to thrilling slides and Hong Kong’s first indoor surfing simulator, there’s something for all ages and experience levels here! Check out our Guide To Visiting Water World Ocean Park With The Family for all the splashy details.

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Editor’s Note: This article was most recently updated in June 2024 by Veena Raghunath.

Main image courtesy of Serg Alesenko via Pexels, image 1 courtesy of Splash HK, image 2 courtesy of WPS Wakeboard HK via Facebook, image 3 courtesy of Wild Hong Kong, image 4 courtesy of Treasure Island HK, image 5 courtesy of Blue Sky Sports Club, image 6 courtesy of Federico Tomasoni via Pexels, image 7 courtesy of Maël BALLAND via Unsplash, image 8 courtesy of Water World Ocean Park.

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