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Tried And Tested: Prenatal Personal Training At Evolve by Joint Dynamics

mansha evolve by joint dynamics review
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When I found out I was pregnant, I was overjoyed! But with the availability of prenatal exercise classes being somewhat limited, and many personal trainers not being confident in modifications and safe pregnancy workouts, it was time to look elsewhere. Luckily, I found Evolve by Joint Dynamics.

This was my third pregnancy but it had been a number of years in between. I edged towards my second trimester and quickly realised that changes were needed to my regular workout regime. As a happy coincidence, I shared my pregnancy journey with my sister (have your read her incredible birth story?), who had come home raving about how good she felt after her personal training sessions at Evolve by Joint Dynamics.

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mansha evolve by joint dynamics

Evolve by Joint Dynamics

Evolve by Joint Dynamics is a dedicated Women’s Health Clinic that is conveniently located in Central, offering services like Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Personal Training and Rehabilitation. My appointment was with Ziggy Makant (a former That Mama!) who is known to be somewhat of a  ‘guru’ in the field of pre-and postnatal strength training. Due to previous complications, I had never kept active during my first two pregnancies so I was charting unfamiliar waters. This time I wanted it to be different as I had worked so hard to get my fitness levels up and wanted to ensure that I kept active as soon as I got the go-ahead from my obstetrician.

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Personal Training At Evolve by Joint Dynamics

I signed up for a package of personal training sessions with Ziggy, and committed to seeing her at least once a week. The sessions were fun and made me comfortable knowing I was in safe hands, training with someone who was experienced, nurturing and extremely knowledgeable.

“The sessions were so enjoyable it never seemed like “effort” and instead were a weekly relief for my body as it grew and expanded.”

Ziggy helped me with my mobility, flexibility, strength and mindfulness to prepare me for my pregnancy journey. She tailored my workouts and increased or decreased the level of my strength training depending on the day – no two days are ever the same when you are pregnant!

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lunges personal training evolve by joint dynamics

Group Fitness Classes At Evolve by Joint Dynamics

Evolve also offers pre and post-natal group workout classes which I incorporated into my weekly schedule. All their trainers are up to date with current prenatal research on prenatal mobility. Even though it was a group class I was impressed by the individual attention and modifications to allow for the capabilities of my body on any given day. There are no more than six in a class so you really do get that personal touch. Afterwards, I felt strong, empowered and energised, with corrections made to my form and technique to avoid any injuries and ensure that I was targeting the right muscle groups.

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pregnancy birth breathing

Mindfulness During Pregnancy

My journey with Evolve has been entirely holistic, not only focusing on maintaining my physical strength but also helping me to calm my mind, especially during these turbulent times.

“There has been a huge emphasis in all my sessions on aligning my breathing with the focus on contracting and relaxing my pelvic floor in preparation for birth and post-partum recovery — something I was never even aware of during my first two pregnancies!”

When further restrictions were enforced on gyms, I was extremely grateful that Evolve provided me with the option to continue my training sessions in an outdoor park, something that was so integral for my mental health.

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Osteopathy During Pregnancy

Towards the latter part of my pregnancy as the baby started getting bigger, I started experiencing severe back pain, so made an appointment to see Evolve’s resident Osteopath, Juliette Dutois. She swiftly identified the problem and provided me with almost immediate relief by educating me on how to adjust my breathing to avoid tensing the same muscles whilst gently massaging the area to release tightness and alleviate the pain. I was so grateful that she was able to identify and treat my symptoms allowing me to appreciate and enjoy the final few weeks of my pregnancy.

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Help And Education Around Perineal Massage

At 38 weeks and completely ready to give birth, I had a prenatal birth prep session with Katy Megson. She did an internal check to see if I was engaging my pelvic floor muscles correctly and also taught me how to conduct perineal massage. Perineal massage has been studied extensively in recent years and has shown to be extremely effective to prevent and minimise any tearing during vaginal birth. It was an extremely unique experience as my perineal area was massaged and stretched out, prepping the surrounding tissue for delivery.

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Final Thoughts On Evolve by Joint Dynamics

I can’t recommend Evolve enough to anyone who is pregnant. The team have made my whole journey extremely comfortable and most of all enjoyable. They went above and beyond for me in all regards to ensure I had all I needed to prep my body and mind over the months and provided me with ample support through anxiety-inducing times. Though sessions at Evolve are definitely on the pricier side, combining the group classes with some personal training sessions is a great way to get around this to balance out the cost. I feel strong, healthy and mentally prepared for birth because of all the support I have received from the Evolve team. I am now counting down the days till I meet my little girl!

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  Some services described in this article were provided free of charge, however all opinions are genuine and reflect our Sassy Mama's experience.  Main image, images 1 and 2 courtesy of Mansha Channa, image 3 courtesy of Getty

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