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We Take A Closer Look At The BABYZEN YOYO² Baby Stroller

babyzen yoyo2 stroller compact
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The BABYZEN YOYO² promises to be the only stroller you need for Hong Kong’s crowded streets and cramped homes. It’s compact yet versatile enough to handle every occasion, right from birth through to toddlerhood.

Ever ridden a Hong Kong taxi with a baby and stroller in tow only to find yourself being honked at by busy commuters? Or struggled to climb up stairs and uneven pavements with your toddler and your bulky pram? We know just what it feels like. And that’s why we love the versatile BABYZEN YOYO², the stroller that’s just perfect for Hong Kong parents.

It will grow with your child, morphing from bassinet to stroller to car seat to buggy board and more. Here’s why we think the BABYZEN YOYO² needs to join your growing family (and find out where you can buy it).

babyzen yoyo2 stroller compact newborn bassinet

BABYZEN YOYO² is one stroller for newborns to toddlers

You can use the BABYZEN YOYO² right from Day 1. You’ll need the 0+ newborn pack or bassinet option (which lies completely flat).  The lightweight 6+ version is suitable from 6 months and up (until the child is 22kgs).

BABYZEN YOYO² gets you through Hong Kong streets with ease

As many Sassy Mamas in the office will attest, the “soft drive” system makes it easy to push and manoeuvre the stroller, the single-movement design means you can fold or unfold it single-handedly, and the weight makes it easy to carry (either on your shoulder with a padded strap or with a backpack) when you to get on to trams and buses (or tackle expected stairs). The new, individual suspensions on all four wheels mean that when in use, your bub will have a safe and bump-free ride.

babyzen yoyo2 stroller compact travel

Travel is back! And the BABYZEN YOYO² is your companion

It fits into a plane’s overhead cabins so you don’t need to check it in at the gate, perfect for families that love travelling. A BABYZEN YOYO² is built to last for generations. You will be using it for Baby #2 (and #3 and #4….) and it is compact enough to be stored away for when it’s not in use.

Carseat adapters make taxi rides with BABYZEN YOYO² a breeze

All parents want their precious bundle to be safe. You can attach a car seat to the BABYZEN YOYO², an essential for travelling safely in Hong Kong taxis. It’s quick and easy to detach too, so you can fold and store the stroller at your feet while you hop into the taxi (no more pileup of angry drivers behind you!). 

babyzen yoyo2 stroller compact

Innovative, personalised, European design

Considering that the BABYZEN YOYO² was first designed by French fathers, you can be sure that this brand knows a thing or two about being très chic! You can personalise your stroller with any of the nine bright fabric colours and two frame options.

Keen to know more? Head to the NotTooBig Mega Baby Expo to check out the BABYZEN YOYO² for yourself and you’ll also be able to grab great discounts and offers.


  This article is in paid partnership with BABYZEN. All images courtesy of BABYZEN.

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