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YOYO+ by BABYZEN: Zoom Around Town With Ease and Style

yoyo babyzen buggy review
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Reinventing the wheel

One of the things that excites me most about having a new baby, other than the new baby itself, of course, is getting a new set of wheels – stroller wheels that is! As a recent mama of two, 22 month old son and a newborn little girl, the need for a second stroller and growing another set of arms was paramount. When you have two small children, it’s all about getting from A to B with as much ease and comfort for mama and babes as possible. Not to mention, hopefully, with a good dash of style as well! Enter the lightweight and super compact YOYO+ by BABYZEN.

hk mum with babyzen stroller

Originally a fan of the Bugaboo Bee, it definitely served me well for a while, however, I found it far too clunky and heavy for my Hong Kong lifestyle (especially considering the frequent trips abroad). So after rave reviews from friends, I opted to buy a YOYO instead. My much loved YOYO has been a huge asset to us. It changed the face of travelling with a baby. No longer having to leave the stroller at the airport gate (with a frustrating wait for it to reappear at some unknown location at the other end!), I could stroll my son, Teddy, right onto the plane – from taxi to aeroplane – without once having to lift my little sack of potatoes. Then, with the click of a button, the stroller magically compacts flat within seconds to be stored in the overhead compartment above. Amazing!

However, when I heard about BABYZEN’s latest YOYO+ model with upgraded features, it was a must-have and has been even more of a baby transporting game changer.

yoyo+ babyzen review

The only downside I found with the original YOYO, was the inability to attach an infant car seat and storage wasn’t as ample, as say the Bugaboo Bee. However, BABYZEN has pulled out all the stops with the new YOYO+. Only weighing around 6kg, one of the stroller’s very cool new features enables you to attach a car seat, allowing me to safely travel around town after the arrival of my little one – a huge selling point!  Jumping into a taxi with bub has been super easy. My Maxi Cosi car seat easily detaches, allowing me to click, compact, and store the stroller at my feet – no need to even open the boot!

Last week I found myself desperately stranded in central in a massive downpour (less than ideal with a two-week old baby in tow). But, love the fact that I was able to manoeuvre the stroller easily with one hand through the crowded streets and flooded roads whilst simultaneously holding an umbrella. In dire, wet times like these, the stroller is a winner on every level. I also love that the upgraded YOYO+ feels much sturdier than the original model.

BABYZEN has also made the YOYO+ dummy proof for a mama like me with, let’s face it, a bit of a lingering baby brain. It’s super easy to convert from the 0+ newborn nest – to car seat mode – to the 6month+ setting. All while using the same frame. Easy peasy!

yoyo babyzen buggy

I can’t say enough how much I love my YOYO+. Makes life with babes so much simpler and compact. Easing the feeling of trying to juggle bub and a never ending pile of baby apparatus. I highly recommend it for mums who love travel and want to be able to stroll around town stress free. The hardest choice to make is what colour you want yours in. Decisions, decisions!

So who are the magicians behind the brand? This is the super cool part. BABYZEN was in fact founded by a very clever group of French fathers. These papas set out to successfully reinvent the stroller and effectively ease the lives of parents around the world by providing comfortable, lightweight, compact strollers  – not to mention making us look très très chic in the process!

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