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5 Minute Morning Makeup for Mamas

Morning Makeup
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The stress-free makeup routine that every mama dreams about…

Gone are the days when I can afford to take my sweet time. Lingering in the tub with a glass of wine or trying on different clothes and making mental notes of possible outfits are hobbies of the past. Today, I’ve come to accept that being a mum comes with bathroom interruptions from my little kids. “Muuum! Where is my toy robot?” yells my 6 year- old as I am taking a shower…

With the kids needing to get ready for school, the baby needing to be changed, and the husband needing an errand taken care of, it’s no wonder we leave the house looking (and feeling) a mess! But neglecting oneself should never be the easy way out. I like taking time to make myself look presentable because when I look decent, I feel more confident about myself. Taking care of our body, paying attention to how we dress, and caring for our appearance are things we owe to ourselves. How do we do that in today’s busy mummy world, you may ask? The answer is to learn quick mama solutions (like how to apply makeup in 5 minutes, of course!).

5 Minute Makeup

Step 1

Apply sunblock. We need to combat the effects of the sun’s harmful rays that can cause skin damage like dry skin, wrinkles and sun spots. I like using sunblock with SPF above 30 that is light weight and non-greasy.

Product: Nuxe White SPF 30 Sunblock available at Sasa.

5 Minute Makeup

Step 2

Apply concealer under your eyes. I like to use something with yellow undertones to hide my dark circles and prefer something like liquid based foundation because it glides smoothly. Concealer corrects and fills in those fine lines around the eye area.

Product: Happy Skin Cosmetics Get Even Hydrating Skin Foundation*

*Unfortunately due to high popularity of the liquid foundation product, it is currently unavailable. However, as an alternative they’re currently selling their ‘Get Even powder foundation‘.

5 Minute Makeup

Step 3

Protect your skin further and even out your skin tone with a good BB cream. I like using this, over the usual powder foundations because this will leave your skin looking bright and feeling supple. This cream leaves the skin feeling moisturised, unlike conventional powder which dries and shows your fine lines even more.

Product: Happy Skin Cosmetics Zit Zapper Cream 

5 Minute Makeup

Step 4

Get a hint of colour with cheek tint or blush. This will give you a healthy flush while still showing your skin’s luminosity. I love how it blends naturally into the cheeks.

Product: Happy Skin Cosmetics Lip and Cheek Mousse Set

5 Minute Makeup

Step 5

Swish some powder over your T-zone and eyebrows, skipping other parts of your face that tend do be dry. It’s all about locking in moisture, and reducing that powder-y look, mamas!

Product: Mac Studio Fix Powder

5 Minute Makeup

Step 6

Do your eyebrows. If there is one thing that frames your face, they are your eyebrows. Invest in having eyebrows groomed by a professional first, you can always maintain what they did by tweezing out stray hairs regularly. Tidy eyebrows reflect good grooming habits and highlight your true natural beauty, so find the best eyebrow product that work for you. Sparse eyebrows will benefit from using pencils or eyebrow eyeshadows. If you have thick long strands of hair you may just want to keep them in place with eyebrow gel or mascara.

Product: Mac Veluxe Brow Liner and Pro Long Wear Waterproof Brow Set

5 Minute Makeup

Step 7

Highlight your eyes with good mascara. This instantly removes the tired gloomy look off your face. I like to curl my lashes and apply mascara on the top and bottom. I swear by this brand for everyday use. It holds perfectly (like waterproof mascara), and extends my lashes, but can be easily removed with just warm water! It’s so convenient and allows me to skip makeup remover and just go on to using a good facial cleanser immediately. Big plus after a long day out with the kids!

Product: Happy Skin Cosmetics Eye Am the One Holy Grail Mascara

5 Minute Makeup

Step 8

Finish off with lipstick or gloss, I often do this last step on the go in the bus or cab. It’s easy enough to apply even without a mirror. Mamas are already flexible and innovative, right?!

Product: Inglot HD Lip Tint Matte 17

5 Minute Makeup

In the beginning you may take longer than 5 minutes but as you master what your face needs, and what strokes to use, you’ll be surprised at how easy this can be. You may even find that you can skip a few steps depending on your face structure!

What’s important is that you, as a mum, recognise that taking the time to look good is something you should (and easily can) do for yourself! Take the time to enjoy the pampering process and taking care of yourself. With just a few simple products you can instantly look fab instead of drab!


All photos thanks to the lovely Jenna Louise Potter of Oh What A Lucky Fish

Video filmed and edited by Winnie Lam

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