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Sassy Mama family field trips: Stroll along the promenade from Deep Water Bay to Repulse Bay

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This week for our family field trip we found ourselves walking from Deep Water Bay to Repulse Bay. If you missed last week we were having a whale of a time at Jordan Valley Park and you can read all about our experience here.

This week the intrepid field trippers were two parents fancying a spot of fresh Hong Kong air and one ALWAYS energized tot, Gracie, aged 3.

Sorry if I’m teaching you to suck eggs and you know all about this scenic promenade from Deep Water Bay to Repulse Bay, but I did mention it to a friend the other day who has lived here for 5 years and she didn’t know about it… so I thought, a-ha! This could be a family field trip!


Now that the weather is cooling off and the rain has finally abated, this walk makes for a great Sunday morning activity. The entrance to the Seaview Promenade is at the far end of Deep Water Bay beach (towards Repulse Bay) and down some steps (the only un-stroller friendly bit). The paved walkway takes you along the coastline from Deep Water Bay to Repulse Bay.

It’s paved, reasonably wide and there’s a guard rail so it’s pretty safe… perfect for scooting, tricycles, learning to ride a bike, and stroller friendly (once you’ve navigated the flight of stairs down to the walk). There’s plenty to see, including wonderful views of the coastline with plenty going on – watch the sail boats bobbing up and down on the water and people watch others promenading. It gets the whole family moving and out of the house in the fresh(ish) air. The walk ends in Repulse Bay, so you can hit the beach, take a dip in the sea to cool down and build sandcastles to your heart’s content (so don’t forget your swimming cossies, bucket and spade, sunscreen, mossie repellant… oh and towels!). The walk takes about 20 minutes (or longer if you have tots in tow who can’t scoot in a straight line) but is certainly manageable for most abilities and suitable for all ages. Even at the weekends when it’s busier, it’s a relaxing, scenic activity and because of the great views this walk always has a tranquil air about it. And last but not least, it’s freeand we do LOVE free things in Hong Kong.


It gets busy at weekends, and if you’re driving, parking spots may be scarce so proceed with patience. The steps down to the beginning of the walk are inconvenient if you have a stroller but manageable (not too many steps but you may perspire slightly!).

How to get there:
By Bus: 
From Central, take buses 6, 6A, 6X or 260 and get off at Deep Water Bay.

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