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Monthly Book Review: Sassy Mama contributor Christina recommends her top kid’s books this month!

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We all know how important it is to read, but children’s books can often be a hit or miss! That’s why we’ve enlisted the help of one of our expert mama bloggers Christina Kim to bring us a monthly list of best children’s books to fill up your shelves – and where to get them! This month is all about Mother’s Day, so read on for our best Mother’s Day reads to bring the family together this holiday…  

Mother's Day Reads 1

My Mummy is Magic
Written by: Dawn Richards
Illustrated by: Jane Massey

This is the perfect book not only for the upcoming Mother’s Day but for everyday! It’s a heartwarming story about how Mummy must be magic because every time something magical happens Mummy is never far away. See how Mummy turns everyday things into enchanting experiences. Your little one will snuggle close with you while listening to this whimsical and rhyme-filled story, all the while learning why their mummy is the perfect one for them.

Find it: Available online at Bookazine for $96.

Mother's Day Reads 2

Fancy Nancy’s Marvelous Mother’s Day Brunch
Written by: Jane O’ Connor
Illustrated by: Robin Preiss Glasser

Fancy Nancy plans a perfect Mother’s Day celebration. In typical Fancy Nancy protocol, she pulls out all the stops and of course adds a dose of fabulousness with glitter and doilies. With the help of dad and little sis Fancy Nancy cooks up a mouthwatering feast and makes gifts from the heart to show her love and appreciation for all that her mommy does. This colorful and fun lift-the-flap-book has 13 hidden surprises to keep your little reader interested along with the vibrant signature Fancy Nancy eye-catching illustrations. This is the perfect mother’s day book for any “fancy” mother daughter duo.

Find it: Available online at Bookazine for $70.

Mother's Day Reads 3

My Mum
Written and Illustrated by: Anthony Browne

My Mum is a sweet and endearing tribute to all mums who do so much for their children (and we do a lot!). Narrated from an unseen child’s point of view, Browne takes you through the daily tasks one mother does – cooking, grocery shopping and making her kids happy when they are sad – to the imaginative jobs one’s mum is capable of doing: astronaut, actress and even being a superhero! Mum is donned in an everyday floral house robe that connects each illustration of Mum, whether she’s a fairy princess or the big boss. But in the end the beaming message is that no matter what, Mum’s most important job will be to always be there to love you. My Mum is such an honest child’s perception of their mother that it will bring a tear and smile to any mum on Mother’s day.

Find it: Available online at Bookazine for $112.

Mother's Day Reads 4

Chu’s Day at the Beach
Written by: Neil Gaiman
Illustrated by: Adam Rex

Chu is back with a third instalment and he’s visiting the beach! As they say, “when Chu sneezes, big things happen” and this time the sea better watch out. The lovable panda Chu sneezes at the beach and breaks the sea creating chaos and sadness for all the beachgoers and marine life. Will Chu be able to fix this big mess? Will he be able to save the day? Thankfully Chu gets a little help from a friend and sneezes the beach back to the way it was. The sea is fixed and everyone can enjoy the beach again! This is a perfect book for keeping toddlers engaged. The pictures are comical and filled with so much color and detail – your little one will have a blast pointing out all the animals and sea life they see!

Find it: Available online at Bookazine for $180.

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