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Sassy Mama Tries Wall Rope Yoga at Pure… plus a 7-day free pass for readers!

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With the onslaught of Christmas sweets and baked goods we received at Sassy Mama HQ over the holidays, we’ll be the first to admit that we weren’t exactly on the best diet for the past month (unless you count skipping lunch because we were too busy devouring Kisses cupcakes skimping on calories…)! With the holiday buzz finally dying down, we decided we should take the first steps to getting back on the health grind, and a session at Pure Yoga seemed like the perfect way to do it!

Sassy Mama editor and I headed over to Pure Yoga in Mongkok to trial their Wall Rope Yoga, which is one of Pure’s most popular classes and definitely a unique experience if you’ve only ever tried traditional mat yoga.

Before the class started we were already blown away by the massive changing facilities, including rows of mirrors and blowdrying stations after you rinse off in one of the 60 showers available. I couldn’t help noticing that everyone was stylishly dressed in cute yoga apparel, which can be purchased at the retail corner in the studio. There are also iPhone charging stations and a comfy lounge (I may or may not have been tempted to claim a couch and take advantage of the tranquil environment.)

Getting around the 35,000-sq-ft studio is a workout in itself – it was a maze making our way past six other yoga studios before we finally got to the wall rope yoga room!


Wall Rope Yoga takes lengthening and strengthening to the next level. Alignment is a large focus for this class, and the moves are great for back pain. Control is emphasised whether it’s in slowly letting go of your rope to balance on your own, or letting the belt suspend you in inversion poses. The instructor, Monica, made all of the straining poses look incredibly easy.


I’m a bit of a yogi, if you consider doing the “Yoga Studio” app videos in the comfort of your own apartment hardcore yoga… I did a 30-minute yoga video the day before going to Pure and felt flexible and strong, so I figured the class would be a breeze.

Oh, but I was wrong. Wall Rope Yoga is unlike any other yoga class I have ever done. There are two sets of four notches in the walls, which is where you secure your two ropes. The first pose was downward dog, and if you’ve ever done yoga before you would think “oh, easy!”. Imagine performing downward dog with your ropes around your thighs, creating extra resistance and ultimate lengthening as you walk your hands out in front of you. I was already feeling the stretch in the back of my legs and it felt great (I was tight, but relaxed). When the instructor came to my mat, she immediately decided that I was too comfortable. With her gentle touch, Monica guided my hands out further than I thought physically possible. In yoga, sometimes you have to get uncomfortable before you can be comfortable!

IMG_9235The poses were held for five long breaths, than a rest, and repeated. Other poses were variations of classic yoga poses with an intense twist. Triangle pose was performed with your leg closest to the wall through a rope, and your arm stretching from the top rope. One of the final poses was an inversion, where we put complete faith in the ropes and a belt to suspend us upside down. It took a few breaths to relax, but it felt great to let go and stretch my back.

IMG_9214If you’re like me, the last five minutes of a yoga class are your favourite! In this class, Savasana, or corpse pose, began with your neck resting on a rope suspended a few inches off the ground. This felt absolutely amazing; it was a great gentle stretch for the neck. Wall Rope Yoga is perfect for mamas with back issues, or mamas who want to challenge their body and improve flexibility. The best part of this workout is that you use your core for a lot of the poses without even realising it; my abs were seriously sore the next day!

If your average yoga class isn’t interesting enough for you, try Wall Rope Yoga at Pure. Your body will thank you!

Wall rope yoga classes last 75 minutes; see the full schedule of classes here. Classes fill up fast so make sure to book 3 days in advance!


SASSY MAMA OFFER: Enjoy a complimentary 7-day pass to any Pure Yoga location to experience Wall Rope Yoga and a wide variety of other yoga offerings. Simply register here for your free pass now!


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