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Sassy Scoop: Global Concierge – Like Having a PA in Your Pocket!

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You know the saying, “There are some things in life money can’t buy, for everything else there’s Mastercard”, well I have invented my own version. “There are some things in life you can sort out yourself, for everything else there’s Global Concierge”. Just days after moving into a new apartment (and drowning in a sea of boxes, admin and emails) I was lucky enough to be granted my dream come true – a personal concierge to look after all my lifestyle needs for one whole week. Lifestyle concierges essentially act as your own personal PA, catering to all your demands, booking flights, sorting home insurance and even interviewing domestic helpers for you. However, Global Concierge go even further and as well as only being a fraction of the cost of hiring your own PA, they offer much, much more. Due to their connections with all the best restaurants, and well, really anyone who is worth knowing, they can source one-of-a-kind experiences that ordinary mortals like you and I are normally excluded from. So, from dealing with the small boring things you would rather not do yourself, to helping create those once-in-a-lifetime memories, Global Concierge’s services mean that they will go from being a company you try out, to being the very backbone of your existence.

I started my trial week hesitantly, as a self-confessed control freak I was loath to hand over tasks to someone other than myself. However, as the week progressed I quickly changed tack. My concierge for the week was a charming woman called Julia, who was never more than a phone call or email away. Her commitment to helping me sort my life out, both during the trial week and after, was exceptional and I must admit it has been hard to go back to living a normal life without her. I initially passed Julia on my mundane tasks, slightly relieved at the idea of outsourcing. This didn’t only make my life easier and free up time, but I benefited from Julia’s superior expertise in just about every aspect of my life. As a newcomer to Hong Kong I was somewhat lacking inspiration when it came to deciding where to go for dinner but Julia was quick off the mark, recommending and booking me in to some fantastic restaurants. Buoyed with confidence at her food expertise, I asked her to find me the best catering option for the Thanksgiving themed housewarming I was hosting. In record time she whipped up a comprehensive list of the best available options, gave her advice on suitability and once I had made a decision, booked it all in for me. I was growing to like Julia a lot. Things that would have taken me days were getting done in a matter of minutes. Never before had my to-do list taken such a thrashing! Further tasks handled included sorting out my insurance policies, advising me on setting up auto-pay on my Octopus and finding me a pilates class just like the one I was used to in London. Not only did she do all these in lightning speed, but she also managed to secure me free trial classes for Pilates and found me discounts for insurance. I have a feeling that a membership to Global Concierge really does end up paying for itself.

Other members of our time-pushed Sassy team tried out Julia’s services on planning the hectic schedules of their kids (so if X has Mandarin at 9am in Central, can Y do Socatots at 10am on the Southside?) — and found a little of (someone else’s!) time and patience goes a long way. New activity options were suggested, tutors sourced and calendars synched so that the new year will start off on the right track!

Keen to capitalise further on Julia’s fantastic skills, I emailed her over a further selection of things I needed doing, this time upping my demands slightly. Not only did I need advice on a domestic helper, but I wanted her to find me a reliable one with references and a cheery disposition. Julia’s response – “No problem”. I started to realise that Global Concierge were transforming my existence. I could spend more time focusing on the important things in life, like eating, drinking and generally being merry and they would discreetly and efficiently manage all the other stuff. Feeling flush with confidence, I asked Julia to help me with the nigh impossible task of finding my husband a birthday present. The brief: something exclusive, experiential and which capitalised on our living in Asia. Had this been left to me, we would inevitable have ended up going to Macau, following the pre-trodden path. But Julia whipped up the most fantastic present. Four nights at the exclusive Yas Viceroy hotel in Abu Dhabi, VVIP tickets (who knew such a thing existed?!) to watch the F1 race from the Red Bull paddock, the hottest after-party tickets in town plus a range of other scheduled activities including sand dune quad biking. To top it all off, she would take care of all flight, transfer and hotel details, source us discounts wherever possible, and would be on call 24/7 whilst we were there to book restaurants, spa treatments or make any necessary changes.

Now I think it’s pretty clear why returning to normality has been something of an adjustment. My husband isn’t particularly appreciating the email to-do lists I have taken to sending him in lieu of Julia’s services. But I’m hoping that he will get the hint and for my fast approaching birthday celebrations, treat me to a 6 month platinum membership to Global Concierge. To be completely honest, I have realised that there is nothing else a girl really needs!

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