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Sassy Scoop: Miles ELP International Academy is now open for enrolment!

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For all you Southside mamas with little ones approaching school age, listen up! There’s a new preschool on the block, and we’ve got the first-hand scoop on what they’re planning for the upcoming school year!

Miles ELP International Academy offers an experience and project-based, child-centered, engaging and developmentally appropriate approach to learning, guided by a staff of dedicated teachers in a nurturing atmosphere. The school itself is situated close to the beach and surrounded by greenery the perfect environment for little ones to discover and explore! They’re all about developing an intimate community at Miles, which is great for parents who want to ease their kids into a new social and educational environment. What’s more, parents will have plenty of opportunities to participate in events and activities throughout the school year as part of the close community!

Founded on an experiential learning approach, Miles ELP International Academy aims to make learning visible by actively engaging students. This means plenty of hands-on activities and interactive learning for your little ones! The focus on experiential learning lets kids develop practical applications and creates the motivation to explore their surroundings — plus it’s definitely a more exciting and fun-filled approach to learning! Areas of growth explored in the curriculum include early literacy, logical thinking, creativity, physical coordination, interpersonal skills and intrapersonal skills such as self-reflection and problem-solving. Kids even have a chance to develop their musical skills through a series of song and dance programs!

In addition, Miles is conveniently located in a brand new shopping mall (complete with spa, gym and supermarket) which means us mamas can have a place to sit back with a coffee or run errands while waiting to pick up the little munchkins!

Drop by the school’s Open House, running every Sunday in August, to get a firsthand look! There’ll be music and story time, souvenirs, a school tour and teacher talks. RSVP in advance at or email [email protected].

Brought to you in partnership with Miles International Academy

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