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Solving your children’s sleep problems – join us for an online webinar

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Is there anything more disruptive to the flow of family life than a child with a serious sleep issue?  Whether your little one is bright eyed and bounding out of bed before dawn, has a downright refusal to nap, or has a habit of paying late night visits to mommy’s bed, sleep problems have a trickle-down effect that makes themincredibly problematic.  And despite becoming an all-consuming problem to try to ‘fix’, the sad truth is that they generally aren’t so easy to solve.

To the rescue comes a special Sassy Mama webinar– Understanding your Children’s Sleep Problems, hosted by Employees Matter and led by noted sleep expert Mandy Gurney.  In addition to being a registered nurse and midwife, Mandy is the author of the sleep bible Teach your Child to Sleep, set up her own Millpond Children’s Sleep Clinic in the UK, and ran a local NHS sleep clinic.  In short: This woman knows her stuff.   And the best part: we’re offering this class to you at a sweet 50% discount.

Taking place in the comfort of your own home on Tuesday, 30 October from 8-9pm, this online webinar will focus on how to prevent sleep problems, as well as strategies for changing nighttime behaviour. Aimed at parents of children prone to sleep issues as well as parents-to-be, the topics covered will include what we know about sleep, the techniques for overcoming sleep problems and how to use them.  In addition to hearing Mandy’s expert advice, participants will also have the opportunity to ask questions and will receive a recording they can keep following the talk.

So pop the kids in bed, pour a glass of wine, fire up the computer and ‘join us’ for this informative (and sleep-saving!) talk.

Sassy Mama Webinar: “Understanding Children’s Sleep Problems”, Hosted by Employees Matter
Date: Tuesday, 30th October 2012
When: 8pm – 9pm
Price: HK$270 – a 50% discount!
To Register: Purchase your ticket and reserve your spot at this webinar here.

This special webinar is hosted by the UK firm Employees Matter. Well-known for its popular, informative talks to parents in corporate environments to help them manage their work-home balance, Employees Matter has a large roster of experts including many well-known specialists in numerous parenting fields.

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