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That Mama: Nealy Fischer

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Sassy Mama finds out how mama of three, yogi and all around health guru Nealy Fischer of Pure Yoga stays balanced and sane in the city…

Where you do buy your clothes? How do you stay stylish as a mum?
I’m not sure I’d call myself stylish actually! I mostly think being stylish involves being super practical, comfortable and confident in whatever you wear.
I do very little shopping in Hong Kong (other than frequent trips to Three Sixty!) I tend to shop when I travel. Nothing beats New York shopping.

How do you save time?
I don’t think there are ways to save time, I like to think of it as maximizing time. I do a lot of cooking and I have a “prep list” and everything pre-sliced and measured so that when its time to cook I am more efficient. I also do things in advance like set out my kids clothing the night before and set for breakfast the night before. Basically, the more I do in advance the more available I can be for the kids for the important stuff.

What are your organizational tricks and tips?
I have too many to list here but the best way I recommend staying organized is to make lists and switch to electronic management. I remember the days when I would write things down with a pen and paper and go on to lose it. Ipad and blackberry have uber organized my life and I keep files and notes. Another tip since we all travel so often is to make a master travel packing list so that when you go to pack for trips you never leave anything behind.

What do your kids snack on?
Fruit, nuts, cut up veggies, almond butter, granola. But they don’t do much snacking (kids are more readily open to eating healthy meals when they are really hungry!)

What is your beauty must-have product?
The balm lip gloss and coconut oil (best body moisturizer to get the glow).

How do you stay sane?
Daily handstands. Seriously. Walks to the Peak and getting out of Central when I can. I also make time alone everyday to get inspired by life in some way (reading, friendship, thinking, writing!) And when the kids get home and the chaos begins, take a breath and embrace it because they grow up so fast.

Do you have any tips for keeping the romance alive in your relationship?
Date night! Playing the balance between spending time together and spending time apart doing what we each love. Surprising each other once in a while.

Favorite activity with the kids in Hong Kong?
Hmm… Home BBQ on the balcony with some good tunes, family movie night, unscheduled sunday beach trips, a random afternoon at the LRC… Riding the train to the airport on the way to a vacation!

Favorite kid-friendly restaurant in Hong Kong?
I find most places are kid friendly since my kids are good about eating. Sushi bar anywhere is always a hit. But honestly – eating at home is always so much easier with the kids (especially with three and after a long day).

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received as a parent?
Parenting is a wave of hard moments and wonderful ones – be there fully for the good ones and know that the hard ones will pass.

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