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That Mama: Neelam of Purebuzz PR

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Neelam Tourani is a super-high-energy working mum on the go. Mama to four-year-old Tahir, and founder of her own PR agency, Purebuzz, Neelam keeps her finger on the pulse of what is happening in Hong Kong – we take a peek into her life to see how she holds it all together, looks so stylish and never stops moving!

Where you do buy your clothes? How do you stay stylish as a mum?
I do not have the time or enjoyment of shopping regularly so I love going to Rome in the summer. Rome is a beautiful city and a great place to do all my one stop shopping. I stock up on dresses, top, jumpsuits – I try to get six months’ supply at once! I buy all my jeans at INDIGO as Eizelle Taino, my “Jeanious” works her magic- she finds me the perfect pair in less than 5 minutes! Staying stylish understanding what works and what doesn’t for your body and personality – not following every trend.

How do you save time?
Multitasking is my second name! Thanks to my iPhone, I can really get through my junk emails and short reply emails on the road. With less clutter I then come back to the real work that needs to be done… I also only chat on the phone when driving, as I never seem to have the time at home. I tend to leave my apartment before 9 am with laptop in hand, to drive my son to school, leaving me a full day ahead.

What are your organizational tricks and tips?
Lists, I LOVE lists but mostly I LOVE crossing items of my list! All must do’s go into my iCalendar, with different color coding for all activities: Work, Play, Kid, Domestic Duties and Social Commitments.

What do your kids snack on?
My son loves dips; guacamole, hummus, tzatziki, relishes three fruits a day, munches on almonds and pistachios, but like any of kid fancies M&M cookies and Japanese chocolates! We have established that ice cream is only for the weekends and as you can imagine he’s thrilled on Friday as his weekend begins!

What is your beauty must-have product?
My good friend and beautician from The Strand, Brigitte Weber, recently introduced me to Dr Murad’s Clay Mask. I’ve been using it two to three times a week and have noticed a big improvement with my skin. I also never leave home without MAC’s stubborn brown pencil eyeliner – it’s a quick, hassle free pick me up – and I look awake!

How do you stay sane?
I spend an hour four to five mornings a week exercising. I am in bliss at Hot Yoga at Pure as I feel my toxins being released; I also enjoy sculpting classes at the gym. I spend alone-time at home two nights a week, enjoying a glass of red wine and catching up on a show — at the moment, I’m watching “The Good Wife”. My son and I also dance every Saturday night — he loves to get on my bed, play loud music and dance while I get dressed. It keeps us both sane and smiling!

What is your favourite activity to do with your son in Hong Kong?
We love to go hiking up to The Peak on Sundays — we get a great workout and reward ourselves with lunch up there. The kid friendly restaurants (Sassy Mama recommends Café Deco!), the playground, the foot spa all make for an ideal Sunday. My son loves to ride his Micro-scooter, so we often make plans to see friends at parks…. it’s amazing how skilled 4 year olds can be on their Scooters!

Favourite kid-friendly restaurant in Hong Kong?
Liberty Exchange in Exchange Square. They have a great kids area where little ones can get creative with arts and crafts, trains and cars for the boys, doll houses for the girls, and the best part of it is their kids menu is so well styled. Tahir’s favourite is the Croque Monsieur with Truffle Oil and Parmesan Fries.

Zuma’s brunch is also fab with kids when you’re wanting a long lunch complete with bubbles…my son loves the play area, yakitori and the sushi rolls!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received as a parent?
Kids follow by example… as parents we are such important role models. We must constantly keep ourselves at check – kids make us better people!

Fabulous photos all by the very talented Ifat Kafry Hindes of newly-launched Hindesight Photography. We can’t recommend her highly enough! You can contact Ifat by emailing or calling 6140 8181.

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