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Week 40 – the big day…

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1:45am: What’s happening? Is this the real thing, or more Braxton Hicks? Ow! It’s happening again. Yes, I am really in labour. Hours pass and the contractions get stronger and closer together. Time to call Kathy Kitzis, my Doula, and the woman who, for the next 14 hours, will be a major source of support, comfort, and coaching.

This was my first experience with labour. I really did not anticipate how much I would need a strong support system. My husband, of course, was by my side the entire time, but it would be difficult for me to imagine managing my pain and fear without Kathy being there, as well.

Kathy’s experience with the birthing process, her knowledge of how to ease my contractions, and her suggestions for ways to relieve the stress were invaluable for me. I moved smoothly through the stages of dilation, preparing myself for the “big push.” Unfortunately, a last minute decision by the doctor to do a C-Section, took me totally by surprise.  My emotions ranged from disappointment to feeling cheated. Again, Kathy was there to talk me through and help me deal with the disappointment.

As I sit here writing this final installment of my pregnancy diary, I am looking at Ari sleeping peacefully in his Moses Basket. I can’t believe he’s actually here. My 40 weeks seemed to last forever, and at the same time, fly by so quickly. I am celebrating my first Mother’s Day with the knowledge that I am truly blessed. Thank you to everyone who has followed my journey. I hope I was able to help you in yours.

To book Kathy’s doula services, email [email protected] or call 6340 4687. Kathy’s office is located in Room 202, Ivy House, 18-20 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong.

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