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Sassy Social: Team Sassy’s Karaoke Extravaganza At Red MR

Red MR interior room
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We summoned our inner pop stars at Red MR

Each month Team Sassy gets together to enjoy a super fun, team-building activity, and this time we exercised our inner divas by belting out some great tunes at Red MR, Wan Chai’s famed karaoke spot.

We picked Red MR because it offered a selection of private rooms complete with comfy sofas, tables, five microphones (which we used thoroughly!), and an extensive list of English songs, a large LED screen television and a myriad of snacks and drinks to get the party started!

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We had the normal room, which can hold from eight to 30 people and came complete with its own private bathroom.

We munched on a variety of really tasty snacks to keep us going, including a Robatayaki platter of assorted grilled meats, a Robatayaki vegetable platter, French fries with black truffle dipping sauce, KFC deep-fried chicken and popcorn, all while sipping various cocktails and wine.

The karaoke machine was really easy to use, allowing us to search for some tried and true classics (Toto’s “Africa”, The Spice Girls “Wannabe”, and Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer” were musts!). Admittedly, some of us had a little stage fright at first and getting the first group up to sing meant waiting until the drinks kicked in. But, after a few cocktails – and when we all saw how much fun it was to sing some of our favourite songs – everyone got in on the action and we ended up singing until many of us were hoarse!

Red MR party room

Karaoke is a fab way of letting loose, and Red MR was the perfect combination of comfort and festive. We found out we could even get gift cards for friends and family who might enjoy a night of tunes, cocktails and good food (perfect for any birthday or holiday present!). Anyone hoping to hold a birthday party, anniversary or just about any occasion, can have the rooms at Red MR set up to suit your fancy. Just tell the folks there what you’re looking to do and they will sort you out.

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Sassy Mama’s Favourite Karaoke Songs

Maura: J-Lo duets
I have loved singing a few J-Lo duets over the years that require the participation of someone else with me (strength in numbers!). ‘I’m Real (a collaboration with Ja Rule) and ‘All I Have’ (a collaboration with LL Cool J) are two go tos.  These are both songs that bring me back to the early days (2001/2002) when I was dating my husband so they are always a good song to perform with him if he is a willing participant (and has a few cocktails in him!).

Lauren: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
Can’t decide which kind of vibe or tempo you’re looking for? No problem, Bohemian Rhapsody has it all! Plus, it’s always hilarious singing the “Gallileo, Gallileo” parts and failing to hit the high notes.

Surmayee: Empire State of Mind by Jay Z ft. Alicia Keys
I’m not from New York, but it doesn’t stop me from stealing the mic and putting on a show when this one comes on. It lets me show off my rapping skills (not to toot my own horn) and pretend I have Alicia Keys’ incredible voice (I don’t) all at the same time. Plus, it’s impossible to listen to this without joining in at least the chorus, so it’s great song to get the group going!

Roxanne: Nasty by Janet Jackson
No one can deny the King of Pop’s better sibling. This particular song by Ms. Jackson (if you’re nasty) makes it impossible to sit down and its empowering lyrics are perfect to celebrate a fun Ladies Night Out.

Ines: Take On Me by a-ha and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper
My go-tos are 80s classics. They’re the perfect tunes to put on a dramatic little show to, and usually, if not always, gets even the shyest of the group joining in.

Red MR, various locations, [email protected]; 3125 3215

Gif property of Sassy Media Group; images courtesy of Red MR.

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