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A Working Mama Essential: Microwave Sterilizing Bags from Eugene Club

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So I’m back at work these days (sigh) and sadly here in HK the maternity leave is no better than back in the States.  So just about 3 months after the joyous birth of little J, I find myself back at the office…argh.

One of the many tough parts of ‘re-entry’ is the fact that I’m still nursing…and I’m fully committed to making it work.  It’s a bit awkward in my little office – basically everyone on my floor knows when I’m off to take care of business….

But something that at least makes the actual logistics of all this a bit easier are these fabulous microwave sterilizing bags from Munchkin.  Ladies, they are essential!  I’ve seen the little sterilizing tablets, but word on the street is that in the long run they actually aren’t that good for the things you’re sterilizing.  When I was back in the States a friend introduced these little microwave bags to me…and I was completely convinced that I would not be able to find them here in HK (as these things usually go).  So imagine my surprise when I saw them at Eugene!  (Ah…love that place…).

Each bag is good for 20 uses, and with 99.9% of bacteria and germs GONE in 3 minutes, it’s quick and effective. The little steam guide ensure you don’t singe off your fingers…and it folds up neat and tight when you’re done.

Where to Buy: Eugene Club Centre, Central Shop, 4/F, Lane Crawford House, 70 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong

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