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3 Expert Tips To Navigate Your Divorce In Hong Kong

Allied Divorce Consultancy, managing divorce in Hong Kong
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When it comes to getting a divorce in Hong Kong there’s no better way to navigate the process than with an expert divorce consultant at the helm. We chat with Antonia Basile Wilson at Allied Divorce Consultancy to get her top tips on how you can get the best results for yourself and your family.

Going through a divorce can be daunting. There is just so much uncertainty. If you’ve been contemplating or have made the decision that permanently separating is the way to go, you’ll want to make sure that you emerge from the process feeling content with the outcome. So how can you make that happen? Enlisting a divorce consultant to expertly guide you through, especially before you start the process and hire lawyers, certainly helps. Antonia Basile Wilson, the founder of Allied Divorce Consultancy, offers three tips on how to make the process of getting a divorce in Hong Kong easier so that you can get the outcome you deserve.

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Divorce In Hong Kong, Tip 1: Get Prepped Before The Process Begins

Utilising her extensive experience in Hong Kong’s legal and court system and strong financial expertise as a Chartered Accountant and CEDR Accreditated Mediator, Antonia knows all too well how important it is to get your ducks in a row before you start the divorce process. Under her guidance, you’ll feel prepared by getting your finances organised, knowing how to minimise your divorce costs and which are the right questions to ask your lawyers, just to mention a few things.

“The choices made prior to starting a divorce will set the tone for how the entire process will unfold, and will ultimately impact the final outcome.”

Having helped numerous clients navigate the process, she’s honed the practice of getting the best result. She has a strategic and focused approach in place for your situation before starting the divorce process, as well as pragmatic solutions to deal with your financial, co-parenting and practical challenges.

“The more informed and prepared people are at the start of the process, the better the outcome will be.”

It’s important to seek this advice before starting the process, to help mitigate any issues and avoidable costs further down the line.

Allied Divorce Consultancy, managing divorce in Hong Kong

Divorce In Hong Kong, Tip 2: Separate Facts From Feelings

Making big future and financial decisions while simultaneously dealing with the emotional turmoil of a marriage breakdown isn’t easy. Most people struggle to think clearly and make good decisions when emotions are running high. However, setting aside your emotions makes decision-making more manageable and the process becomes a lot more pragmatic and smooth.

Antonia always ensures that her clients are thinking with their heads and not their heart.

“Having the right mindset and facts to approach divorce, as you would a business deal, puts people in the best position to achieve the outcome they deserve and ensure the divorce process is cost-effective, timely and less stressful.”

This leads to tip number three…

Allied Divorce Consultancy, managing divorce in Hong Kong

Divorce In Hong Kong, Tip 3: Know The Outcome You Want And Plan For Your Future Needs And Long-Term Goals

When getting a divorce, you’ll need timely, critical, and savvy advice.

“You should know the outcome that you want before the start of the divorce process so that you pick the best options to achieve it.”

If you want an amicable, less expensive and faster divorce, then litigation will not be your best option.

You will also need to think about the future and your financial needs for yourself and your children. Antonia will help you work this out and ensure that you’re able to effectively negotiate a settlement that meets these financial needs and long-term goals. Most importantly she’ll focus on how to protect your loved ones.

Allied Divorce Consultancy, managing divorce in Hong Kong

Want To Find Out More?

Getting a divorce doesn’t have to be a long, stressful, or drawn-out process. With her years of experience and a professional, caring approach, get in touch with Antonia to find out how Allied Divorce Consultancy can help. It’s her mission to get you through the divorce process in a calm, cost-effective and timely manner to get the outcome you deserve. Book your complimentary 30-minute discovery call to find out more.

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