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Astrological compatibility: Sassy Mama Feng Shui Expert Jill Lander gives us the scoop on matches (and clashes!) between your wee Snake and the rest of the fam!

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The Chinese Zodiac system offers great insights into our compatibility with others, our personality traits and how others perceive us. This can be very helpful for adults in terms of personal relationships with work colleagues and potential business partners.

These insights can also be adapted to offer great awareness as to what a new bundle of joy will bring to any family in terms of interpersonal relationship and family dynamics. Some parents immediately click with their children and others find they will never have a close relationship no matter how hard they try to make it happen, so in order to assess what impact your new bundle of joy may have in store for you, read on!

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★★★  Rat parent / Snake child

This combination makes for a comfortable union of closeness, especially if the father is born of the rat sign and the snake child is female. Rat parents make excellent providers and they will need to be, as snake children normally have expensive tastes later in life demanding only the best of the best! A snake baby born to one or more rat parents will grow up being comfortable, secure and happy.


★★★★ Ox parent / Snake child

This makes for an intelligent union, increasing structure for the snake child who will blossom under the diligent and capable guidance offered by one or more Ox parents. The Ox and Snake are astrological friends, so this would be an auspicious year for any Ox to consider having a baby!


★★ Tiger parent / Snake child

This blend requires a gentle and balanced approach in their upbringing. Tigers – particularly mothers – make for very protective parents, offering a strong guiding hand, especially during the snake’s teenage years. As long as the Tiger remembers to remain gentle with their little Water Snakes they will respond well. One or more Tiger parents will help to mitigate the direct clash between those born under the Pig sign with their baby Snake!


★★ Rabbit parent / Snake child

Here you will enjoy a respectful union with little animosity, yet also little in common – especially as their child develops. Rabbit parents show great compassion and care and will always guide their child to reach their true potential, despite their differences.


★★★★ Dragon parent / Snake child

This makes for a magical union, as the Dragon and Snake are firm astrological friends. There is a superb parent and child bond, and compatibility is second to none, bringing great fortune and happiness to the home.


★★ Snake parent / Snake child

So can two snakes harmonise any home? Of course they can! And especially so if the parent(s) are born as Wood Snakes (1965). Naturally conservative, and extremely clever and smart with intense sensitivity to each other’s natures they will share a unique closeness, and are intuitively understanding of each other.


★★★ Horse parent / Snake child

The Horse makes for an exciting parent for a Snake, who will adore them. The Horse parent draws out the introspective side of the Snake child’s nature and works especially well if of opposite genders.


★★ Sheep parent / Snake child

The early years may prove rather challenging as the Sheep parent may find their small bundle a lot to handle. They will understand and enjoy each other’s energy better later in life.


★★★ Monkey parent / Snake child

This combo makes for fun! These hold a secret union, and one of high respect and pride as the Snake will make any Monkey parent(s) proud with their dual qualities of charm and intelligence.


★★★★★ Rooster parent / Snake child

This is a match made in heaven, with plenty of shared interests and unspoken spiritual awareness. The balance of yin and yang doesn’t make much difference with this union so mothers of daughters and fathers of sons will all enjoy equal harmony.


★★ Dog parent / Snake child

This relationship may require effort to secure a close bond – not initially, but as their Snake child develops. The Snake child will be fiercely independent and will always require lengthy reasoning as to why or why not they are being allowed to do something. The union will be strengthened if the other parent is born under a Rooster or Monkey sign


★ Pig parent / Snake child

This pairing may prove to be challenging, as the Snake and Pig form an elemental clash so neither will back down and each will have their opinion! Naturally, this may not be so obvious in the early years, but as their Snake child develops the Pig parent will need to be strong and determined in order to maintain the guidance required. There will be a natural balance to this relationship if either parent is born under the Dragon, Rooster or Monkey.

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