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Bon Vivant Organics in Hong Kong: organic meals in minutes

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While I so hate to whip of meals from a box or mix, there are certain times when that’s just all I can muster up – especially on a hectic Sunday.    I recently came across a fabulous line of organic quick pastas and grains at Bon Vivant Organics, though, that really truly are guilt-free.  No meal in a mix guilt here!

A new favorite in our house: Orzotto e Zucchini.  Inspired by risotto but a whole lot more nutritious, this scrumptious mixture of sliced zucchini and pearl barley was gobbled up by Little J.  What I especially loved was that there was no salt addedin fact, there are no seasonings at all so just the tastes of the main ingredients come through – and there are no preservatives.   Plus, it was easy and fast – boil and cook with water for 30 minutes.  That’s it. While I kept it simple for J,  next time I’m thinking that adding a splash of white wine and finishing with a bit of butter and parmesan will make it perfect for Hubby and I. Delicious, super super quick, and highly nutritious – a perfect combo.

Bon Vivant Organics offers a number of these yummy quick grains and pastas in all sorts of flavors – plus a ton of other  fabulous organic foods including soup mixes and sauces, great olive oil, and more.  They source their products from all over Europemostly smaller farmers and producers which is nice – and it’s all delivered to your door.

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