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Drop and Give Me 20: Workouts for the Time-Starved Mama

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Somehow – and it still baffles me – I put on 50lbs when I was pregnant with J.  For those on the metric system – yes, you did the math correctly…I was big.  Really, really big.

Everyone said that breastfeeding would help the pounds melt off – and I’ll tell ya, they were right. I was on a serious roll in the beginning.

Everyone also said that the last 10lbs would be near impossible.  They were all right on that, too. I’m going easy on myself – it’s only been 4 months, so back off! – but I’ll admit that I’m starting to get a little peeved.  And now that I’m back doing the 9-5 thing (who am I kidding?  This is Hong Kong – it’s 8am-9pm), I have almost zero ‘me’ time.

So working out istough to work in.

For those equally as starved of time – or motivation…or both – here are two super efficient, super effective workouts I’ve got in my current rotation:

The 30 Day Shred

Those from the States will know Jillian Michaels as the militant boot camp fitness instructor who quite literally whips people into shape on the ‘Biggest Loser’. She’s mean.  Period.  But the woman’s got some abs, so I’m listening to her.    Her 30-minute workouts are designed to get you to lose 20+lbs in 30 days (whoa).

I downloaded the series of three workouts on iTunes (it’s also on DVD, of course) and suffered through the first level for a couple weeks and am now on to level 2.  Now don’t go and underestimate a 30-minute workout – these are are noooo picnic.  In fact, they’re brutal. She has me doing crazy inverted plank jumping-jack moves that engage every single muscle in my core, butt, legs, arms…it’s insane.  Jillian’s workout ethos is based on circuit training that burns mega calories – so you’re doing cardio, combination strength moves, and then abs back-to-back in 3 circuits each workout.  All you need is a TV and some hand weights and you’re good to go.

Women’s Health iPhone App

Another iPhone App for you.  This one is care of Women’s Health magazine.  It’s the perfect companion to my super fast lunchtime visits to the gym or my living room mini workouts on the days I can’t even find 30 minutes to spend with Jillian.  The app features dozens of super-efficient fat-busting workouts and individual exercises that are easy to follow with fabulous steb-by-step instructions and really detailed photos.

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