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5 Self-Care Strategies for Busy Mamas

self-care strategies
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You should go and love yourself

Being a mother can be demanding and down right exhausting. Our kids, especially younger tykes, require constant physical and emotional attention, which can feel like you’re being completely drained of your life force. We make sacrifices every single day and constantly give, give and give some more to ensure our children flourish in every possible way. But instead of attending to everyone else’s needs it’s time you busy mama. Learn how to stop sacrificing your needs for your children’s and take care of yourself… even if it is fleeting!

Here are 5 simple self-care strategies for you to try:

Practice self-care in intervals

Self-care doesn’t have to mean spending half a day at the spa or having an expansive amount of time to treat yourself with care. For instance, you can take 15 minutes twice a day and do something nice for yourself. Instead of washing up, doing the laundry or writing out a shopping list, take some time to simply chill out. Flick through a magazine or close your eyes and breathe deeply.

What ever you can do to bring yourself joy and pleasure in that moment, do that… the rest can wait!

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Build A Soul Sister Squad

Being a mother can be tough, so it’s vital you have a number of empathetic and supportive soul sisters you can turn to. Have a think of certain people you can call who are open to hearing how hard things can be. It’s a good idea to seek out people who will listen without trying to offer solutions or down play your struggles. It takes courage to be vulnerable when it comes to motherhood, and being heard and understood by your support team is a key part of self-care.

Ask for and receive imperfect help

One of the hardest things to do as a mother is ask for help. As mums we put on our superwoman cape and think we can do it all… and most of the time we can! But sometimes self-care means asking for and accepting help. And more often than not, the help we receive is imperfect.

You may receive help from your partner or a close friend and they’ll probably do things differently than you do. They may let the kids have too much screen time or play ball games inside. But letting go and being open to receiving help is a great way to practice self-care.

Say Yes

Just like it’s self-nurturing to say “no” to things that don’t serve you, it can also be self-nurturing to say “yes.” Saying “yes” to requests that provide a positive distraction from the daily routine of parenting can be a great way to look after yourself. Say “yes” to that workshop you’ve been considering, offer to look after your neighbours cat or bake a cake and ask a girlfriend over for tea. Mixing up your routine helps you to connect with others and reconnect with the value you offer the world.

Ignore Your ‘Inner Mean Mama’

As well as ignoring naysayers who may not approve of you taking time for yourself, it’s important that you learn to quiet your inner critic. You know the one? It pops up and tells you you’re being selfish or lazy when you desperately want some time out. Self-care isn’t selfish. You need to do whatever it takes to fill yourself up and consistently give yourself what you need. When your own needs are met, you can be of greater service to others including your precious tykes! 

Featured image taken by Kosal Ley sourced via Unsplash

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