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Sassy Mama Supports: The Adventist Hospital Foundation

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As parents, the slightest cry or wince of pain from your child tends to instantly tug at your heartstrings (not the fake cries though). You may try your hardest to resist, but end up picking them up to hold them close, wanting to transfer whatever pain onto yourself instead. It’s a given that you will go to the ends of the earth to help make you child’s life as happy, care-free and painless as possible.

However, imagine if your child is sick or has a disability and there was no way you could seek effective treatment due to financial struggles. The Adventist Hospital Foundation helps those in need of financial medical assistance – read on to find out what they’re doing and how you can give back to society!

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What is The Adventist Hospital Foundation all about?
Established in 1999, the Foundation has the mission to assist and support primarily child patients, in Hong Kong, Mainland China and throughout Asia who need medical treatment, but lack the financial ability to consider proper help. Its Charity Outreach Programmes have been designed to provide such assistance, including the Adventist Pediatric Heart Fund, Cancer Fund, Children’s Hearing Fund etc. In 2010, it expanded to Nepal where otological surgery (a type of ear operation) was made available for local children and adults.

So what do they actually do?
The life-changing operations such as cochlear implants, heart transplants have been made possible through the help of donations and sponsorships, but also kind-hearted doctors, specialists and surgeons. More than 300 families have benefitted from the Adventist Pediatric Heart Fund alone! Read more about the unique lives that have been touched and changed forever, you may just shed a tear…

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The Foundation also strives to help the elderly, providing preventive and direct eye care in particular, in hopes that diseases will be detected before it leads to irreversible blindness. The Eyes Fund has helped more than 100 underprivileged elderly, and the Charity Cataract Surgery Programme was initiated in 2007.

There are regular events organised to raise funds for the underprivileged patients. In April 2015, the “Hoops for Hope” event was held where participants attempted to set a new World Record for the most basketball layups made in 12 hours. You might be wondering how charity work can end up being so fun! Their most recent event was The Women of Hope Awards, held at The Hong Kong Jockey Club. The awards ceremony was held to honor eight of Hong Kong’s successful and influential women who have tirelessly answered to calls for social justice for women, children and the community. Seems like the “girls rule and boys drool” phrase still holds true even after primary school!

Dr. Buddy Wong, Medical Director of Children’s Hearing Fund, leads an annual trip to Nepal to make a life changing difference for deaf children and adults. During the trip made in January 2014, they performed 52 surgeries, 124 hearing tests, fitted 27 hearing aids and provided consultation for 182 patients!

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What can you do?
You can join or volunteer at the events they hold throughout the year, where you will have fun all while helping out for a good cause. Count us in! Donations and sponsorships are definitely greatly appreciated and will directly benefit those in need of assistance. Or you could purchase some of their beautifully designed bracelets and t-shirts, of which all profits go towards the Foundation (we want to pick up a few ourselves!).

You can also find out about what the Foundation is currently doing from their seasonal newsletters. Follow their Facebook page and/or Instagram to stay updated on the most recent happenings!

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