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9 Organisational Hacks for Your Bedroom

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It’s time to declutter and clear the clutter in the boudoir!

Our bedrooms are our happy place – a calm, tranquil room all to yourself with your cosy bed and all of your favourite possessions. However, that sense of calm can easily fly out the window if you have clothes hanging out of drawers and accessories scattered about. The key to maintaining your “happy place” is keeping it tidy, mama, so try these organisational hacks at home for a clean and breathable living space.  

1. Use Under-Bed Drawers
If your Hong Kong bedroom is like ours, there isn’t a ton of storage space available! A great way to save room is to store clothes in under-bed drawers. Whether its pajamas, blankets, or off-season clothes, these drawers will free up space in your closet or dresser. You’re on your way to an organised bedroom already, mama!

Where to find it: Ikea

From apartment therapy

2. Find a Functional Bedside Table
A standalone bedside table may look really nice, but it’s not sensible furniture when space is limited! Shop for a bedside table with multiple drawers or shelves to get good use out of that table. Extra drawer and surface space will help de-clutter your room, and you’ll have everything you need within reach!

Where to find it: Ikea 

Apartment Therapy

3. Install Drawer Dividers
Take advantage of your new drawers under the bed and on the bedside table! Install drawer dividers to help keep your things organised. This is great for dividing socks from undergarments or your electronics from your magazines.

Where to find it: Ikea

branas-laundry-basket-with-lining__0146349_PE305340_S44. Fill Up Wicker Baskets
If you think the classic laundry bag is unsightly, go for a wicker basket instead! These baskets are cute and decorative – you would never think it was full of dirty clothes.

Where to find it: Ikea


5. Make Use of Your Window Sill
If there’s a window sill in your bedroom, don’t let it just sit there empty! Use this area to store extra blankets, jewelry, books, and a candle or two for a serene and calming effect.


6. Put Up a Hanging Shoe Rack
Shoes can be a pain to store because you have to deal with heels, bulky dress shoes, and shoes in all shapes and sizes! If you have room in your closet, store your shoes on a bottom shelf. If not, a hanging shoe rack is great for saving space and storing a lot of shoes! Just hang it on the inside of your closet (if you love shoes like we do, you may want two!).

Where to find it: Ikea


7. Hang Jewellery in a Box
If your bedroom’s lacking surface space but you need somewhere to keep all of your diamonds and rubies, try a wall-mounted jewelry box. You can hang your necklaces and bracelets from the hooks, and keep your rings and earrings on the box’s lower ledge.

Where to find it: Etsy

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 2.52.34 PM

8. Mount a Wall Lamp
Wall lamps save surface space and serve as a decoration or pop of colour at the same time! Mount these unique lamps to your wall and save worrying about the little ones knocking them over as they run around your bedroom watching you get ready.

Where to find it: Ikea

teen vougue9. Freshen Up with Flowers
Finally, treat yourself to a bouquet of flowers every week to put on the bedside table or the window sill! You’ll have an automatic smile waking up to smell the roses, and the flowers will really brighten up your room… and your mood, mama!

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