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HK Mamas Rejoice! Target is Now Shipping to Hong Kong

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Sound the alarm! It’s a big RED ALERT: Target now ships to Hong Kong!

Big news for all you lovers of that big, red GLORIOUS bullseye store. No more lugging picture frames, cute plastic serving platters, toys and Christmas decorations in an extra suitcase back from the states. No more dreaming of red shopping carts and leisurely strolls through those wide friendly aisles stocked with your favourite, reasonably priced, everything from kids clothes to makeup to housewares to amazingly comfortable shoes. Yep, Christmas has come early, ladies, because Target has recently started shipping to Hong Kong! (Are you jumping up and down and “whooping” yet? Because we are.)

It’s like all those months of creative visualisation and silent prayers have finally paid off. Now, with just a few clicks (okay, a lot of clicks) all your favourite Target items can be purchased online and delivered to you all the way here in Hong Kong. Right to your door! And it’s all set up to make it easy for you. Not only are prices conveniently listed on the site in Hong Kong dollars, but duties and taxes are calculated at checkout with guaranteed landed costs (which means no additional charges upon delivery). And they offer low international shipping rates.

Check out some of our Sassy Mama Target picks that we can’t wait to have shipped over.



Home Decor- Deny Designs Decorative Wooden Tray

Man, we’ve been missing Target’s Home Decor treasures. But now, gems like this amazing tray are only a click away.


Bath- Nate Berkus Bath Towels

We’ve been needing these big, fluffy, Nate Berkus bath towels in our life. Now, if we could just find that sweet, alone time to actually take a bath…


Personal Care: Dove Powder Anti-Perspirant Deodorant  

“I always stock up on deodorant at Target when I am back in the US, so I will probably just buy it via the Target international site now!” -Maura Thompson, Sassy co-founder

Screenshot 2015-10-23 01.36.27

Kids- Infant Girls Aubrey Fleece Boot

The kids’ shoe department at Target is always a fave, and these easy wearing, slip on boots are perfect, even for the mild winters of HK. Add to cart.

Screenshot 2015-10-23 01.40.27

Clothing- K by K Messaged Long Sleeve Tee

Anyone who has shopped at Target will agree that it is full of great clothing finds. From message tees to staples like tanks and leggings, we love to get lost in that clothes department. It’s a much better feeling than getting lost in an HK taxi.


Baby- Baby Jogger City Mini Single Stroller

Yes, they will ship this here! Stroller dilemma solved!

Sure, you may still miss walking around eating popcorn and sipping on a Starbucks latte while you leisurely push your cart through the store. And of course, you’ll miss the coveted dollar section of the store, but OMG, let’s just reiterate this breaking story- You can shop at Target from the comfort of your own home. Your home that is in HONG KONG! Awww yeah, life just keeps getting better…

Featured image via Flickr Creative Commons

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