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TEDxHongKongED, Saturday 15 June

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Schools and education… topics on every parent’s lips, pretty much from as soon as kids are born here in Hong Kong. There’s the mad scramble to get them on every possible school waiting list so you stand some sort of chance of getting a place at a good school… but what makes a good school?

Even before they start school, there are playgroups, nurseries, baby gym, music, and dance classes thrown your way. Then, once you’ve managed to get them into a school, there are all the extra-curricular activities to contend with… but is this really necessary? Are we doing the right thing?

Is it time to stop and think about the bigger picture?

TEDxHongKongED on Saturday 15 June promises to be more than your run-of-the-mill education conference, and will make you stop and think more about actual education in Hong Kong, rather than just the never-ending competitive treadmill constantly on our minds.

Themes that stood out for us include: Perspectives from Within the Classroom, examining how we are doing in our schools, what works, and what needs to be changed? Also Perspectives on Learning Outside of the Classroom, which asks whether we are only bound to learn inside the four walls of a classroom; and if not, how can we learn from our surroundings and what should we be aware of?

With carefully selected and inspiring speakers including Sophie Leung (founder of Young Entrepreneur Development Council, also on the Legislative Council), Douglas Kidd (works with special educational needs students), Dr. Jadis Blurton (principal of Harbour School) and Peter Kenny (founder of Branksome Hall Asia) it promises to be a well-informed and engaging event.

In the organisers’ own words: “Why does this event matter? The fact is given the challenges that we face education doesn’t need to reformed – it needs to be transformed”.

As a mum struggling with the schooling system in HK, I couldn’t agree more… hear, hear!


When: Saturday 15 June
Where: 633 King’s Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

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