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Keep your Family’s Comfort, Climate and Costs in Check with Ambi Climate

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A mama-approved intelligent add-on for air conditioners

Did you know that air conditioning makes up 50% of household power bills in Hong Kong each summer? Yikes! Not surprising though, considering the summers we sweat through each year! And despite having the AC running so often, don’t you find that it’s hard to get the temperature just right, anyway? The award-winning Ambi Climate is here to change all this, mamas! If this sounds like something you need, check out our Ambi Climate giveaway at the end of this post!

The brainchild and flagship product of Hong Kong-based start-up Ambi Labs, Ambi Climate is inspired by the concept of ‘ambient intelligence’, a well-designed smart home product so intuitive that the technology fades into the background! Ambi Labs’ mission: To bridge the gap between outdated appliances and modern technology, for a home that’s both super comfortable and energy efficient.

So what does the Ambi Climate AC control have that others on the market don’t? It’s the only one that understands user feedback for starters, using machine learning to personalise the indoor climate just for you. Comfort Mode learns your temperature preferences through a very cool (pardon the pun!) smartphone app; teach Ambi Climate how warm or cold you feel and retire the remote control…yes, really!

The Hong Kong humidity hasn’t been forgotten either, with Away Mode protecting your home, furniture and wardrobe from moisture whether you’re at work or on holiday…bye bye mould! And Manual Mode does everything your existing remote does – but effortlessly and intuitively through your smartphone. So when the family’s been out all day, you can switch on your AC before you get home, or set rules or timers – no more coming home to a sauna!

Ambi Climate even has environmental sensors, knowing exactly what the weather is doing and how it affects your comfort. The powerful machine-learning algorithm ensures the AC only ever runs at the minimum to keep you comfy, saving the earth and your power bill from wastage through overcooling. If you’re interested, you can also check out detailed charts to understand the temperature and humidity levels in your home, as well as how these factors affect your comfort levels.

No more worrying about bub’s bedroom being too hot or too cold! Ambi Climate will help you feel at ease, maintaining the ideal climate-controlled environment for your little one. You can even sit back and monitor their comfort from the other room so there’s less chance of waking them. Older kids, mamas and papas, you’ll sleep more soundly too – no more waking in the middle of the night because you’ve made the temperature too hot or cold… with Ambi Climate it’ll be just right!

All of this while cutting down household power bills makes Ambi Climate every Sassy Mama’s must-have home device for summer. Say goodbye to overheating, overcooling, moisture damage and complicated remote controls with Ambi Climate!

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Go in the running to win 1 of 3 Ambi Climate devices! Click here to enter. Giveaway expires Tuesday, 9 August.

Keen to get your hands on an Ambi Climate? You can buy one or check out its selected retailers here.

Brought to you in partnership with Ambi Climate.

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