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Denim cravings: the best maternity jeans

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Our new guest blogger for our The Glow section for mamas-to-be, Gaelle, tells us how to dress to impress when you’re knocked up… this week, it’s her pick of the best maternity jeans!

craving |ˈkrāviNG|

a powerful desire for something: a craving for chocolate.

Of course, I miss unpasteurised cheese and the wine that goes so well with it but, thankfully, I do not have any weird food cravings – like an urge to eat raw potatoes or to drink pickle juice straight from the jar!

However, pregnancy apparently failed to quench my thirst for shopping. So many newcomers have entered the Hong Kong fashion retail scene over the past few months – Jack Wills, Seed, Gap etc – and I can’t welcome them as I wish I could. I am frustrated!

Recently, I have been longing for a few denim treats. But take Gap: although Baby Gap and Gap Kids are available in Hong Kong, their maternity line is not, so I’ll have to wait a few more months to wear a pair of their affordable yet well-cut jeans. However, for a quick fix of casual denim, what about those cuties from La Redoute:

All items are currently on sale: Carrot pants 31.99, Capri pants 27.99, Blouse 27.99, Shorts 27.99.

I particularly like the blouse and the carrot pants. I would wear the blouse for a lazy non-free flowing champagne Sunday brunch and the carrot pants to a laid-back BBQ party.

Unfortunately, only the French website delivers to Hong Kong. So you can pick what you like on the UK website and then place your order on the French one – with the help on an online translator it should be easy. Plus, prices en France are cheaper (the blouse is either £35 as opposed to on sale at €27.99) and VAT will be deducted from the mentioned fares. Do not expect everlasting quality or a perfect cut but these cheap outfits will quickly satisfy a craving for denim.

Now, if you want something bolder than blue jeans, what about those adorable coloured skinny jeans from ASOS Maternity. They are all priced at HKD$454.98 and, good news, delivery to Hong Kong is free.

Lastly, if you really want to indulge then go for the iconic maternity jeans from J BRAND. I have been wearing mine (bought second-hand) at least twice a week! I love them because they are stylish while being very comfy thanks to the elastic side panels. International orders from the J Brand website are outrageously expensive, but the brand is stocked at Linea Negra (7/F, 118 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong). Hody, the shop manager, told me that Paige maternity jeans are very popular as well. I did not have time to try them that day but  I might go back there quite soon to take a closer look.

So do you have any shopping cravings?  Don’t feel guilty… If it’s a pregnancy craving, you have to give in!

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