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Weekday Crêpe Escape at La Crêperie

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Homemade salted butter caramel drizzled delicately generously over a fresh, warm crêpe. Need we say more, mama?

Our office is filled with people who put both cheese and chocolate onto the list of “Top 10 Things I Can’t Live Without”, so it’s no surprise that La Crêperie is one of our go-to-lunch-spots. With savoury buckwheat galettes, followed by sweet pancakes, these geniuses have given Hong Kong a lunch location that let’s us have not one, but two delicious French pancakes on an ordinary working weekday. Yes, it’s official, mama: if there’s anything that’s better than a crêpe, it’s two. For the main dish, opt for anything hidden beneath layers of hot, melted cheese, and for dessert, a sweet treat complimented with ice-cream, chocolate, or (read: and) caramel. Extra caramel.

salted caramel crepe from la creperie

The Sheung Wan branch, located dangerously close to the office, has seen me regularly indulge in the La Complete, a gluten-free crêpe topped with French ham, emmental cheese, salad, and a sunny-side-up egg! I even took the liberty of requesting extra cheese, and I can assure you, I have no regrets.

So, as I made my way over to try the Causeway Bay branch, I was wondering whether the trek (the 15 minute train ride…) would be worth venturing further than walking distance. And if you’re wondering if it was, I have two words for you: lobster pasta. A liberal amount of lobster, with pasta cooked ever so slightly more than al dente (keeping that chunky springy texture), all set within a fragrant, homemade tomato and fish sauce. Yes, that’s right, this dish is featured on the weekday lunch menu at the Causeway Bay branch, making it well worth the trip.

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Seafood Crepe Lobster Pasta

Lobster for lunch on a Wednesday may not be a normal sentence to say, but with the prices being so reasonable, especially considering the liberal portions (where else can you get a lobster dish for $138), I might just have to make this gorgeous dish a regular. To put it in perspective, I found the pasta even better than any of the savoury crêpes. And I am someone who puts Pancake Day on par with my birthday…

With a wonderful atmosphere and accommodating, friendly staff, La Crêperie is an ideal place for a quirky business lunch, and would even work as a new spot to take the kiddos! Plus, if you’re feeling like a mid-week-pick-me-up, caramel is always the answer. Just because, you know, Wednesdays can be rough to the best of us. Whether you’re looking for the classics, or to try something completely new, this place is tummy-and-taste-bud-heaven.

Located in an unassuming building, the elevator doors open up right into a warm, welcoming room, with plenty of natural light and plenty of sofa space. We couldn’t ask for much more, mama! Parfait (that means perfect in French, right?).

La Crêperie, 8/F, The L. Square, 459-461 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay,

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