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Gift Guide: The Kiddos

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While of course your kids have had their Christmas lists in place for weeks (who are we kidding, it’s been months), Santa’s always got more than a few surprises up his sleeve.  Here are some of our top gift picks for those appearing on the Nice List.


Top Row, Left to Right

ArtFolio (HK$218)
You kids can get crafty and stay organized with this fold n’ stow art case.  Comes complete with a drawing pad and 12 crayons.

GoVinci Back Pack
This all-in-one backpack, drawing table, and art frame lets kids place a piece of their own artwork on display for everyone to see.  Available at a number of shops in HK, including Bumps to Babes, or directly through Bloom & Grow.
Good Things for Girls (HK$249)
For the busy little girl who likes to draw, knit, make and skip. Jam packed with oodles of fun stuff – great for rainy days….or holiday breaks (hint hint).

Bottom Row, Left to Right

makedo Kits (from HK$60 – 195)
Dubbed the Lego for the next generation, makedo is a reusable connector system for creating amazing objects and spaces from recycled materials.  Three words: Hours of fun.
Double-Sided Easel (HK$620)
The perfect versatile standing easel with a traditional chalk board on one side and a magnetic white board on the other.  It also folds flat for easy storage.
Matador Wooden Construction Kits (from HK$540-1500)
The first Matador kit was on the market in 1903 – and more than 100 years later it is still inspiring little master craftsmen with vivid imaginations.


Top Row: Left to Right

Schoenhut Fancy Baby Grand Piano (HK$1500)
How many children have their very own Baby Grand piano? Sure to encourage a love of music, this (super cute) miniature piano never goes out of tune and comes with removable color-coordinated strip fits behind the keys to guide small fingers from chord to chord.

Mini Accordian (HK$295)
An easy to play and (most of all) fun instrument, this little accordion comes with complete with carrying straps and exercise book.

Bottom Row: Left to Right

My First Guitar (HK$300)
Your little musician can rock n roll on this colorful mini 4-string wooden guitar.
Janod Musical Set (HK$432)
Move over Partridge Family.  This little set from the famed French toy company includes a xylophone, recorder, 2 castanets and a tambourine.


Left to Right

Jet Racer Aeroplanes (US$11.60)

Race your jet to victory!  Easy to construct and very aerodynamic, each pack contains four different coloured jet planes. Perfect for little ones who dream of flying.

Baby Leo Capes (HK$240 for 2-4yr old “Side Kicks” and HK$420 for 3+ year old “Superheros”)
Who doesn’t love a good superhero? Brave, powerful…really cool costumes. But why settle for a plastic outfit for the littlest caped-crusader living under your roof? We love Baby Leo’s line of capes ’cause there are no branded logos – in fact there is nothing commercial about ‘em.

The Outdoor Explorer Kit (HK$329)
Dishing up some good ol’ fashioned fun, this clever kit contains everything your budding naturalist needs: an LED headlamp (with batteries!), magnifying glass, bug checklist, tips on keeping a nature journal, an A4 sketchpad, coloured pencils, and a drawstring backpack.


Top Row: Left to Right

Cardboard Doll Cradle (HK$200)
This baby doll cradle rocks a cool floral design that brings a contemporary look and eco-twist to a childhood playroom essential.  With its easy assembly and carry case, it is a must-have for all mini mummies and daddies.

BPA-Free Tool Set (HK$295)
Everything you little handyman or handygal (it’s also in pink!) needs to get the odd job done.  And you can feel great knowing that multiple plastic bottles have been recycled to create these BPA-free toys.
Mini Apron (HK$288)
A lovely little multi-function apron that is great for dressing up, gardening, cooking, or art projects.

Bottom Row: Left to Right

Cardboard Doll House (HK$200)
This dollhouse not only provides endless hours of play, but is also green – and portable!  We also love the cool mod design and retro illustrations of the furniture, lamps, and the like.
Oskar & Ellen Sets
We love the stunning and beautifully-crafted soft play toys from Oskar & Ellen.  They offer a number of sweet sets like picnic hampers, tea sets and more.  (Available at Petit Bazaar*.)
Rise n Shine Wooden Coffee Maker (HK$295)
This cool wooden sets comes complete with the machine, cup, milk, coffee pot, teaspoon.


Left to Right

Pettiskirts (from HK$175 for babies to HK$450 for 8-10 year olds)
How divine are these delicious pettiskirts from Matilda Rose Boutique??  Love.
Babushka Toiletry Bag (HK$245)
Pretty and functional – and perfect sleepovers, holidays or camp.

“Pinky” A Hong Kong Girl (HK$299)
Pinky is a doll on a mission to bring awareness to Autism. The First Hong Kong Theme Collectable Doll, she makes a sweet gift for any HK princess – plus, a percentage of sales go to the Autism Partnership Foundation in Hong Kong.  Available at all Bookazine locations.


Top Row: Left to Right

The Janod Balance Bike (HK$1440)
Leave it to the French to add extra touches like a padded adjustable-height seat, inflatable tires and a little bell to this cool balance bike.

The Glodos BIT Bike (HK$1300)
We love the award-winning Glodos BIT Bike, a great training bike with extra wide wheels that are particularly tip-resistant.  The integrated handlebars help toddlers with their riding position and can also function as a carrying handle, or use for hanging up.

Wishbone Bike (HK$1950)
The Wishbone bike begins with three wheels, offering lightness and stability for your one year old. When your child is less wobbly, the wheels come off (in a good way) and it becomes a two-wheeler. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the Wishbone frame is flipped and it becomes one of the largest running bikes on the market, perfect for your five year old.

Mini Cooper CHIBI Mini 16 Kid’s Bicycle (HK$2490)
A little bit retro but a whole lotta fun with its Union Jack seat.
LikeaBike Jumper (HK$1800)
The popular LikeaBike is now in HK!  We especially love the aluminum frame of the Jumper balance bike.  (Email [email protected] or call 9139-7107)

Bottom Row: Left to Right

Max Push Car by Sirch (HK$1300)
The “Max Push Car” by Sirch represents what we consider to be the essence of modern design for children. This is one of your children’s toys that you’ll intentionally leave out when guests come over.  And check out this cool trailer that can attach to the back.
Baghera Classic Red (HK$1900)
Reminiscent of the car designs of the 1930’s, this classic pedal car is designed and built to last.

Mini Micro and Micro Light Scooters (HK$699 and HK$750)
Developped with Swiss medical experts, the Micro Mini is the perfect first scooter for your tyke with two front wheels.  The Light version is aimed at your 3-8 year old – and as the name suggests is light enough for preschoolers to handle.  And don’t forget the helmets and elbow and knee pads!

Mini Cooper (HK$2300)
This cool set of wheels is battery powered and goes up to a mean 3 miles per hour.

Twist Car (HK$300)
The innovative Twist Car is powered by hand – turning the steering wheel in half circles clockwise and counter clockwise alternatively makes it go – no battery required!


Top Row: Left to Right

Magis Me Too Villa Julia Children’s Den (HK$1800)
This delightful den is made from strong cardboard in shape of a cute house and includes a fun set of stickers to decorate their special place.

Calacasa Playhouse (HK$295)
This perfect hideaway is made from cardboard and assembled in just minutes.  And the white walls are just waiting to be decorated with your kiddo’s unique style.

Bottom Row: Left to Right

Woodcutter’s Cottage (HK$299)
A quiet retreat where your little one can get away from it all and get back to nature.
The Perfect Teepee (HK$1600)
To say we’re fairly obsessed with this Indian teepee is a bit of an understatement. Available at petit bazaar*.

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