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This week in our house the Nike Fuelband has taken over. This little gadget is a bit like a jazzed up pedometer and converts your daily activity into Nike fuel and displays it on a wristband that you have to wear at all times to generate the most fuel (apart from in bed as that would be cheating but it resets itself anyhow at midnight).

I was quite excited to begin with at the prospect of thrashing one of my friends… 3 of us are in battle, but it turns out that she is thrashing me, although I’m doubtful how accurate this fuelband really is (not because I’m losing of course!) as a lot of arm waggling can generate as much Nike fuel as an hour’s bootcamp. But one thing’s for sure it got us moving more or at least waggling our arms more.

Monki Picks

I’m pleased to report that the new A/W 2012 stock is starting to trickle its way into the shops as we seem to be really scraping the bottom of the barrel with sale dregs in a lot of the shops at the moment. I was invited last week to a preview of recently discovered (for me anyway) brand Monki’s AW12 collection and always a sucker for embellishment I love the “Zoe” top above far left, $250, the embellished collar and cuffs, both $180 and the “Tilde” lace skirt $250, far right.

This “Rani” necklace $150 also caught my eye, “Trixy” collar $180 and matching cuffs $180 and I’m still hankering after metallics, “Kurtie” trousers $350.

Monki, L1/29-31, Langham Place, 8 Argyle Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong. (852) 3585 8026.

To Capri or Not

I was having a conversation with another mummy friend about “Capri” pants. She’s of the view that they’re really mumsy and middle aged. All of a sudden, in one fell swoop I felt very old as I love Capri pants and cropped trousers! I think she hasn’t quite got the same image though as me when I think of Capri pants. When I think Capri pants, I’m thinking along the lines of a chic French Riviera look or Audrey Hepburn. To put the record straight and in the defence of the humble Capri pant, this is what I have in mind:

Unfortunately, this little number is only available in the UK from Mint Velvet, but I was in Zara the other day and I like this little combo:


Red lace top with peplum $599 (looks better in the flesh), red suede studded peep toes $999 and Leopard print medium heel shoe $599 (there’s nothing Mumsy about these babies!) or if red isn’t your thing I love this white studded number $599 all from Zara.

Good places to buy Capri/cropped trosuers are Marks & Spencer, Giordano Ladies and G2000. Go for styles with a flat smooth front and preferably a side zip that way you get a cleaner line. These are great investment buys for when the weather turns..I know it’s a way off, but I always like to have a few staples tucked up my sleeve that will stand you in good stead.

I am loving these jackets, both $899 with the gathered shoulders. I picked up one in black last season from Zara and wore it time and time again in between seasons when the weather cooled, so I’m pleased to see a repeat of this design this season, laced ankle boot $699 and gold black necklace with arrows $199 all from Zara.

Secret Shopping Destinations

In this desert of affordable fashion that is Hong Kong, I’m always on the look-out for new reasonably priced shops. This week just gone I found myself wandering the streets of Causeway Bay which doesn’t happen that often, it’s true, but I came across a little gem of a shoe shop called Elegance Gallery on Lee Garden Road and what’s more it has a half decent website to give you an idea of styles they carry. You might be tempted to walk on by but I was glad that I didn’t. They can customise styles to your shoe size which is a good thing as their sizing is definitely on the small side. Custom made shoes take approximately 3 weeks. To give you an idea of price the bling sandals below left are between $500 to $530 depending on your shoe size.

Elegance Gallery, 39A Lee Garden Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. (852) 2881 0911.

Nomad Design for costume jewellery and bags is also worth a butcher’s on Lan Fong Road, the clutches below with a skull clasp are a bargain $68. A little pricier at $299 is the “knuckleduster” number and even more pricier and oh so patriotic of me is the Union Jack crystal number which alas is approximately $900.

While you’re in the neighbourhood, and not so unknown I know, but Apple Mall also on Lang Fong Road is always worth a look, Four Seasons Fashion (shop 62) and My Closet (shop 42a) were notable this visit. Running parallel to Lang Fong Road is Pak Sha Road where you’ll find Charcoal, Melani di Moda, +-x/, Maud Frizon and Rabeanco also worth a gander. Long time favourite Island Beverly, 1 Great George Street (opposite Sogo), is always a must and this visit Apostrophe, The Soul Room, and Twenty Six Eight are definitely worth a mention.

Studded clutch $499 from Twenty Six Eight, Island Beverly


Yes, I’m still battling my Etsy addiction, and this week I stumbled across some local talent REDbyTina. Based in HK and selling on ETSY- which means we get orders pronto, no international shipping wait or cost for once! She has some fab costume jewellery at very affordable prices, definitely one to watch and I am loving her House of Harlow inspired necklaces, but fastest finger on the mouse, there’s often only one piece and they sell quick, you have been warned!

House of Harlow inspired black and white bunting necklace $95, Kate Spade inspired ocean blue choker $230, and Chan Luu inspired wrap bracelet $119.


I give you not one but two local jewellers selling on Etsy! Bayila is also based in HK and has some stunning statement pieces and thank you to Maura for pointing me in the direction of this one!

“Nefretete” necklace in acrylic and Swarovski rhinestones $955 and “Black & White Bib” statement necklace in Swarovski crystal and rhinestone $1433.

“Aphrodite” necklace and “Isis” necklaces both by Bayila


This week Andrea Clark, Creative Director, of The Mandarin Salon at Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong gives us answers to her 10 most frequently asked questions by clients:

1. If I pull out one grey hair, will two grow back in its place?
No. Going grey is hereditary, so if your parents went grey early in life, the chances are you will too.

2. Does our hair get finer as we get older?
Yes. As we age, our hair also appears drier as the oil glands work less effectively the older we get. I recommend weekly home conditioning treatments like Philip Kingsley’s Elastisizer. This product was originally created for Audrey Hepburn, an idol of mine and certainly a goddess in her own right.

3. Can I over condition my hair?
No, but if your hair feels heavy then you are using the wrong conditioner. Don’t apply your conditioner next to your scalp, apply to mid length and ends only and then rinse thoroughly to prevent limp hair. Conditioner also helps detangle and this will prevent damage to the hair when combing.

4. Is it true I shouldn’t wash my hair every day?
Again if you use the right shampoo and conditioner it is perfectly fine to do so. Styling products can be used to create body or weigh the hair down, but must be removed thoroughly by washing. If you have super dry hair then try a moisturising treatment like Philip Kingsley’s Elastisizer but you have to do it regularly and frequently at first to see results.

5. Do extensions damage my hair?
Not necessarily. If you are very careful and the extensions have been professionally applied there is no reason your hair should be damaged. You need to follow the advice of the stylist and return for check-ups to have your stylist monitor whether the extensions are sitting well and that you are looking after them correctly.

6. Is it better to use natural or herbal hair products?
The more “natural” or “herbal” a hair product is, the more unnatural preservatives are needed to prevent spoilage. By the time a natural ingredient reaches a product it can be completely different and the cost of a “natural” product can be more expensive.

7. If I use a hairdryer or heated irons, will it dry out my hair?
Correct usage of either, plus heat protecting products applied to damp hair before styling, will ensure your hair keeps its condition.  It is when a hair dryer or irons are used on already dry hair that damage can occur. I recommend a heat protection spray applied to wet hair to place a barrier between the cuticle and the heat, like Philip Kingsley’s Daily Damage Defense which will be launched this August in The Mandarin Salon.

8. I have dandruff so should I use something to moisturise my scalp?
No, as dandruff can also be caused by an oily scalp. The good news is you can control it with dandruff shampoos, treatments and tonics, like Philip Kingsley’s Scalp Tonic and Itchy Flaky Scalp Shampoo.

9. Do hair loss remedies work?
No. According to Philip Kingsley, hair loss is hereditary. Stress, nutritional deficiencies, low iron levels and thyroid disturbances can all result in hair thinning. Diet and good health will help with this, especially a protein rich breakfast.

10. If I cut my hair will it grow faster and make it stronger?
No, hair grows out of the hair follicle. Regular cutting will maintain your style and reduce split ends, making your hair look healthier. I recommend a haircut every six weeks to ensure you look your best at all times and eat a balanced diet.

Midweek meal inspiration

This week it’s Indian Prawn Curry and it’s not only fast to prepare but is also LOW FAT which should be music to the ears of one of my male readers who is currently trying to shed his “baby weight”.

Full recipe here.

Yogi tea saying of the week: “Go without fear, trusting whispers of the heart”.

Instant Goddess saying of the week: “Right, I’m off to buy that bag, my heart is whispering”

Until next week Goddesses and remember you are always, always worth it XX

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