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Kim Robinson On: Short Hairstyles For Summer

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Last weekend, we had the pleasure of welcoming 12 gorgeous mums from Sassy Mama to the kimrobinson studio to cut and donate their locks to make wigs for women battling cancer, as well to raise money for the Children’s Medical Foundation’s programs to support newborn babies in rural China.

With more than HK$200,000 raised, it was an amazing and heartwarming event. After the kimrobinson artists and I had collected up the locks, we set about giving the women who donated their hair a short, chic style that would be perfect for summer.

For many women, the decision to go short can be a scary one, but as you can see from the photos below, ‘short’ doesn’t mean the same look for everyone and it can open up a whole new world of looks.

Before getting any hairstyle, I recommend that you seriously analyse your face shape. Do you have a round face, an oval face, a diamond face? Where are you widest? Where are you narrow? This is essential information because it helps determine not only the length of your hair, but also where the layers fall. Layers need to seamlessly blend into the shape. Even a rougher, edgier cut needs the layers to fall into place. If not seamless, the hair looks choppy – in a bad way.

If done right, a short crop looks amazing. At the same time, if the cut is not precise, there is nothing to hide behind.


Here are some general tips if you’re considering going short:

Short hair can be low maintenance or high maintenance. In order to get a style that works for your life and schedule you need to communicate with your stylist on how much time you will realistically spend on your hair
If you like the look and feel of long hair, but want to go short, ask your stylist whether an angled bob would work for your face shape
Before you go to the studio, scrape your hair off your face and examine your face shape. Divide your face into thirds and see where there is imbalance. If you have a high forehead, for example, you may want to consider a fringe to balance out the proportions
Using great, high-quality products is one way to both make your cut last and keep your hair looking healthy and shiny. For most women with short hair, conditioner only weighs their hair down. Instead, spend the money on a top-notch cleanser (we use Hair Rejuvenation Formula at kimrobinson) and a hair mask once every two weeks to keep hair moisturized and healthy, without it feeling heavy.

For busy women, short hair can be a great option for a cleanse-and-go look – you just need to make sure you have the right cut.

If you have any questions about going short, feel free to write in the comments section and I’ll answer as many questions as I can.

Kim xx

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