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How To Visit Po Toi Island With Kids

Po Toi Hong Kong Neighborhood Guide
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Po Toi Island is one of Hong Kong’s most untouched outlying islands. Take a day trip and discover what this charming fishing island has to offer. 

Often referred to as the “South Pole of Hong Kong,” Po Toi Island is the southernmost island in the city. Offering picturesque ocean views and stunning headland walks, this rural island is the perfect location for a relaxing day out or an overnight camping trip to help the family reconnect with nature.

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Hiking On Po Toi Island
Things To See On Po Toi Island
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Tips For Visiting Po Toi Island With Kids

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po toi island ferry

Po Toi Island Ferry — How To Get To Po Toi Island

Ferries to Po Toi Island are available from two locations, Aberdeen Pier and Stanley Blake Pier throughout the week. Taking just over 30 minutes, little ones won’t get too fidgety during the trip! 

Aberdeen Pier to Po Toi Island

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, keen day trippers can hop on the 10am ferry from Aberdeen Pier to the island. Just be sure to catch the 3:30pm return ferry if you don’t plan on staying overnight!

The Saturday timetable offers a morning and afternoon ferry to the island at 10am and 3pm, with return times at 2pm and 4pm, while Sundays and Public Holidays have an 8:15am ferry with a 6pm return time. The ferry fare is $25. 

Stanley Pier to Po Toi Island

There are limited sailings of the Po Toi ferry from Stanley on weekends only. On Saturday there is a one-way ferry at 1:20pm while on Sundays there are four trip sailing options. 

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po toi island hiking

Hiking On Po Toi Island

Po Toi Island is super easy to get around and has three maintained trails, simply named Route No. 1, Route No. 2, and Route No. 3. Each is a circular trail and offers stunning views across the ocean with plenty to see along the way. 

The first route goes through the centre of the island towards Ngau Wu Teng, one of the highest points on Poi Toi Island. If you have little ones in tow, the second route is the shortest and most popular trail, with attractions including Palm Cliff, Turtle Rock, Monk Rock, the lighthouse, and ancient rock carvings along the way.

For a more challenging experience, the third route is located on the northern side of the island, with rugged terrain. This one is for more experienced hikers and older kids or teens.

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po toi island camping

Things To See On Po Toi Island

Create Memories At Nam Kok Tsui Lighthouse

Offering some of the best views on the island, Nam Kok Tsui lighthouse is the perfect spot to take those family photos. With stunning coastal scenery in the background, you’ll feel miles away from the Hong Kong everyone knows. 

Climb Conch Rock

Located just past Tin Hau Temple, you’ll find a uniquely shaped rock formation resembling a shell. Be sure to hold your child’s hand while walking up and enjoy the stunning views from above. 

Po Toi Hong Kong Neighborhood Guide Rock Formations

Discover Ancient Rock Carvings

Little explorers will love discovering the cliff-side rock carvings, located on the southwest edge of the island. Believed to be over 3,000 years old, these carvings feature two different motifs, animal and fish carvings, along with various interlocking spirals to appease sea spirits. 

Visit Tin Hau Temple

As with most outlying islands in Hong Kong, you’ll never be too far from Tin Hau Temple. In the name of the Goddess of the Sea, this Temple was built on the Southwestern edge of the island to protect the local fishermen and villagers when they are out at sea. Take a peek inside its traditional architecture and offerings and enjoy the panoramic views of the South China Sea from its surroundings. 

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po toi island village

Where To Eat On Po Toi Island

Given the remote location, there aren’t a whole lot of dining options on Poi Toi Island. Do make time to try the island’s signature dishes which all come with a local seaweed twist. The only real restaurant is Ming Kee Seafood, located by the pier (perfect for keeping an eye out for your ferry!). There are also several small food stores selling basic snacks.

Sassy Mama Tip: On busy weekend days, reserve a table for your group in advance at Ming Kee Restaurant to guarantee a spot.

Ming Kee Seafood, 2849 7038

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Tips For Visiting Po Toi Island

  • The ferry alights at a small pier next to the island’s only village, so be sure to stock up on plenty of water and snacks for the day before you explore the island.
  • Keep a close eye on ferry times during the day as once the last one has left the island you’ll have to pitch up a tent 
  • Ferries don’t run on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays 
  • Be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen, insect repellent, and first aid essentials as shops on the island are limited 

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  Main image courtesy of via Flickr, image 1, 2, 3 & 5 courtesy of Rory Mackay, Wild Hong Kong, image 4 courtesy of Fashila Kanakka.  

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