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Spark Studios: Getting kids into the kitchen and learning life skills!

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A couple of weeks ago my children (the My Kids Meals ‘guinea pigs’!) were invited to attend a trial cookery class at the new Spark Studios in Quarry Bay. They jumped at the chance to experience something new, and I jumped at the chance to have them entertained in the kitchen without having to clean up the mess!

So off we ventured to Quarry Bay, where we were welcomed into a fabulous space complete with a fully equipped kitchen that most of us in Hong Kong can only dream of; a dining room; chill-out area and deck. Chef Yoshiko, together with Spark girls Virginia and Jen, ensured the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves whilst at the same time becoming acquainted with cooking utensils, new techniques and ingredients. The instructions were very clear and even with 8 ‘novice’ chefs in the room, the mood was very happy and relaxed, making it possible for a nearly-five-year-old to whip up her first batch of cookies with minimal assistance from the Spark Studios girls. Proud mummy here!

Kids Cooking

Courses are segmented into 6 classes per course, with each course having its own theme such as Cookies, Asian Savouries, Japanese Treats and Chocolate Goodies. The classes run for 90 minutes, giving the kids ample time to learn some new cookery skills, get some hands-on practice in a kitchen designed specifically for junior chefs, clean up and be presented with their homemade goods that they can proudly take home. Spark Studios also runs courses on Dining Etiquette with a focus on table manners, restaurant protocol and behavior in social event… definitely areas of focus that could do with some work in our house!

Dinig Table

Of course everything must come at a cost, and with a one-off membership fee of HK$200, classes are at $2430 for a 6 week class (including ingredients), it is not cheap entertainment, but if you are looking for something that will be fun now but also teach them some essential life skills for later on, then a creative cooking course at Spark Studios could be just the thing for you.

Spark Studios
Address: 3/F Room 308, Westlands Centre, 20 Westland Street, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong.
Tel: (852) 2682 3411

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