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All I Want For Christmas Is…Christmas Wishes From Sassy Mamas And Papas

christmas wishes from hk mums and dads
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Christmas wishes for our loved ones, Hong Kong and the world…Santa, are you listening?!

When you’re a parent, your Christmas wishlist often looks quite different from what it used to be! Even more so, after two unusual years that have tested our resilience, patience and strength. We asked some of the sassiest mums and dads in town what they want for Christmas. Whether it’s to support a local Hong Kong business, spread some Christmas positivity or pray for health and happiness for the world, we certainly hope all these Christmas wishes come true!

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Christmas wishes from Justin Chung of Gift Something

Justin Chung, Gift Something

What I really wish for this Christmas is to be able to swim! I wish I could swim at the beach in my home country Australia on Christmas Day.

That and of course, it would be great to travel (remember that? The picture above is of our last Christmas trip to New York.). Since we can’t travel, all I want this Christmas is the ultimate Christmas Feast with friends. Ham, turkey, Xmas crackers, Christmas pudding – everything you can imagine in a feast!

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Christmas wishes from Jeanine Hsu of niin jewellery

Jeanine Hsu, niin Jewellery

I don’t think I am alone when I say that I hope for Hong Kong quarantine to be minimised from the crippling 21 days that it is currently. I want people to be able to visit their loved ones and have them visit us. On a bigger (and more cheesy) scale, I wish for LOVE and peace to men, women AND animals.

On my Christmas wishlist for myself is this aquamarine ring from my own brand! I would like to gift myself the newest niin cocktail rings from the LUNA collection. Aquamarine is associated with tranquillity, which is always needed, especially during the silly season

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Christmas wishes from Stefano Passarello of Kapuhala Resorts

Stefano Passarello, Kapuhala Resorts

What I want for Christmas this year is to be able to unite with our wider family in Italy. Christmas is a special day where family members gather around the table but this year, once again, will just be our nuclear one.

Since that is not happening and because laughter is the best medicine, I’d love to see a stand-up show at TakeOut Comedy this year.

Christmas is always a special time for kids. I love the picture where I was dressed as Santa Claus to entertain children in Discovery Bay. The event was held at Kapuhala, our gym in Discovery Bay, and what’s amazing is that my son didn’t recognise me! The magic of Christmas and Santa… (make sure your kids send their Santa letters out in time!)

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Christmas wishes from Mel Balik of Mama's Kitchen

Mel Balik, Mama’s Kitchen

For this coming Christmas and New Year, I’m wishing and hoping for my family’s, friends’, business partners’ and Mama’s Kitchen employees’ good health. 2020 and 2021 have been challenging years and they’ve been with me through my highs and lows. I’m looking forward to welcoming the New Year and facing the upcoming opportunities with them.

As someone who’s running a business, a good vacation or a Hong Kong staycation where I can relax and unwind would be amazing and it’s the only thing on my Christmas wishlist for now!

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Christmas wishes from Cynthia Lui of Jewcells Jewellery

Cynthia Lui, Jewcells Jewellery

My deepest wish for Christmas wishlist is my family’s health. I hope we all stay fit and strong and celebrate many holiday seasons together!

When it comes to something for myself, the Bamboo Silk Bedding from Nakedlab is on my Christmas wishlist this year! I can already imagine just how comfortable and cosy this will be!

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Christmas wishes from Juan Gimenez of Twist & Buckle

Juan Gimenez, Twist & Buckle

Not to sound like everyone else, but I am really hoping that travel reopens and quarantine becomes shorter so we can go visit grandparents and family. It’s been a few years since the kids and I have been able to visit home. Also, of course, I really wish our F&B industry and my colleagues recover from some very tough times over the past two years!

Strangely enough, I believe I have gotten to a point where I feel like I do not want or need anything materialistic. Nothing that I can put on a wish list or an Amazon cart. One thing I would love is to shut down from the world for an hour or so, so I wouldn’t mind this neat floatation therapy experience!

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Want to know what else is on the Christmas wishlist for mamas and papas?

Main image courtesy of Getty Images, image 1 courtesy of Justin Chung, image 2 courtesy of Janelle for Sassy Media Group, image 3 courtesy of Baljit of Evoque Portraits, image 4 courtesy of John McGrane for Sassy Media Group, image 5 courtesy of Cynthia Lui, image 6 courtesy of Juan Gimenez. 

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