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Sassy Mama’s Neighbourhood Guide to Cheung Chau

Cheung Chau HK Guide Sassy Mama
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Check out Cheung Chau, your one stop island retreat away from our bustling metropolitan city…

Squeezed in between Lantau and Lamma Island, Cheung Chau is the perfect escape from the city! Though it’s well know for its annual Bun Festival, this quaint little island offers so many family friendly activities. From seafood restaurants to water sport activities and stunning beaches, Cheung Chau is the ideal island if you’re looking to take a small getaway or day trip with the fam!

Getting There

If you’re unfamiliar with the Central Ferry Pier, from wherever you’re staying in the city, take the MTR to Hong Kong station. Head into IFC and follow the signs to the ferry piers. Keep your eyes peeled for Pier 5 which goes directly to Cheung Chau. You won’t miss it, mama! There are two types of ferries, express and regular, so depending on your preference, make sure to check their time schedule and ticket pricing here!

Cheung Chau


Upon arrival on the island, you may feel overwhelmed due to the amount of people at the entrance of the pier as it’s the main street of the island. But don’t let that hold you back! Once you turn left heading north, the smells of local eats will start flooding in your way. At every turn and corner, you’ll stumble upon some infamous local delicacies… we’re talking about their infamous giant fish balls and crunchy spiralled fried potatoes. We’ll take one of each, please!

As for dining, options are endless. However, do try their waterfront seafood restaurants on the right side of the island once you exit the ferry. Pick and choose from the freshest of seafood and enjoy a cold glass of Tsing Tao to wash it all down. Our Sassy girl, Kate highly recommends New Baccarat for their sumptuous seafood options. Evenings are the busiest, so make sure you get there early after your activities for your own table paired with an amazing sunset view!

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Cheung Chau


If you’re there on a nice day, be sure to check out Cheung Chau’s Windsurfing Centre first because they offer a variety of water sport activities such as: kayaking, windsurfing, paddle boarding and kite surfing! Don’t worry if you or your little one isn’t experienced with the activities… you can take lessons from Hong Kong’s first-ever Olympic Gold Medallist, Lee Lai Shan’s mentor, Uncle Lai! Maybe your kiddo will be the next Hong Kong Olympian…

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However, if water sports isn’t your thing, you and the fam can head up to Cheung Chau’s Family Trail, Mini Great Wall. On your way up, enjoy the amazing rural scenery that is hard to see when you’re in the city.

Another popular option is visiting one of the three temples on the island (or all of them)! We’re all about inserting a bit of history and culture on any family outing, right mamas? Visit the Kwan Kung Pavilion, Pak Tai Temple or the Tin Hau Temple. All three come with the most interesting stories and information as to why they still stand to this day after hundreds of years.

Cheung Chau


If somehow you’ve fallen in love with this charming small-scaled island in just less than 24 hours (it’s not hard at all!), we’ve got some places for you to check out!

Just right outside the pier, stalls offer super affordable guesthouses for the night or more. Bare in mind that you literally get what you pay for. If you feel like splurging a little bit more, Warwick and Cheung Chau B&B are considered to be the more “luxurious” choice.

Special Festivals

The island is known for it’s annual Bun Festival (or the Cheung Chau Da Jiu Festival). If you’re around during early May, do pay the island a visit as locals and tourists from all around the world gather and celebrate this special festival. Spend the day with fam eating and witnessing traditional lion dances and dragon dances!

A little history session for you mamas: the name of the Bun Festival actually originates from the island’s old tradition where three 60 feet bamboo sticks covered in buns (aka the 3 Bun Mountains) were placed at the Pak Tai Temple. Competitors would climb up the sticks and get the highest bun possible, symbolising better fortune for their family. In 1978, the tradition stopped as an accident occurred during the festivities. However, the island still respects the tradition and has recreated the competition in a safer way.

Other than buns, enjoy the day being a vegetarian! The island celebrates for a week long and three days out of the whole week, the whole island says no to meat. This is a festival you should definitely check out!

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Check out our other neighbourhood guides coming soon!
Have a great family trip, mamas!



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