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A Safer Sleep Environment For Babies In Hong Kong

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Sleep sorted, the natural way.

Becoming a parent, you realise just how important it is to get a good night’s sleep – for everyone in the family! For mamas, papas and babies alike, heading to the land of nod can become something of a challenge (or a rarity!), so it’s still crucial that when tired little heads hit the mattress they get the best sleep possible. To give mummy and daddy peace of mind that youngsters are safe (as well as comfortable) there’s no better way for little sleepers to drift off than in the most optimal sleeping environment possible – and natural, organic materials are the way forward. Leading the way is Okooko by European Bedding (your one-stop bedding store) and the Heveya’s junior baby cot mattress (that can be customized to any size!). So why is this a winner?

Editor’s Note – Okooko by European Bedding is now called Heveya®.

Okooko European Bedding Heveya Mattress home

  1. Natural latex mattresses are known to provide excellent support for the spine. On top of this, Heveya’s organic latex provides a safer and healthier sleeping environment. It’s completely natural without synthetic foam, metal springs or glue. So, it’s safe from off-gassing and electromagnetic radiation.
  2. Organic latex naturally resists dust mites and mould without any added chemicals. Furthermore, the soft bamboo cover can be unzipped and washed for good hygiene. By avoiding these allergens, the little one can sleep healthier and reduces the risk of getting allergies sooner in life.
  3. Heveya Junior latex mattresses and pillows are also breathable due to their open cell structure and pinholes design. This ensures perfect moisture regulation and enhances the mattress’ natural ventilation. Importantly, this reduces the risk of suffocation among babies.

Okooko European Bedding Heveya Mattress home

Nothing but the best for your little dreamers! “But what about me?”, we hear you cry! Don’t worry, mama, you’re covered as well with natural organic pillows and mattresses also designed to give tired parents the best night’s sleep.

Not only can you find snooze-worthy pillows and mattresses, but Okooko by European Bedding can also create a customisable sleeping system – tailored to you! The bed base, mattress and pillow will work together to provide excellent back support for all ages, sleeping positions, shape and sizes. Sleep, sorted.

Okooko European Bedding Heveya Mattress home

Sassy Mama PerkPurchase a Heveya Junior Baby Cot Mattress ($3,900) and Heveya Junior Baby Donut Pillow online and you’ll receive the pillow for free (worth $400!). Simply enter the code SMBABYBUNDLE at the checkout. More goodies for Sassy parents – you can receive two free Natural Organic Pillows (worth $1,100 each!) with the purchase of any mattress at Okooko by European Bedding. Simply mention Sassy Mama when purchasing!

Heveya®, 28/F Horizon Plaza, Ap Lei Chau (Located in TREE’s Flagship Store), 2870 1582, WhatsApp: 6286 1132,

Editor’s Note – Heveya®. was previously called Okooko by European Bedding

Brought to you in partnership with Okooko by European Bedding. All images courtesy of Okooko by European Bedding.

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