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Goodbye Disposable, Hello Cloth!

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You’ll change thousands of diapers by the time your child is ready for the potty. While a majority of people still choose disposable diapers, more companies are making cloth diapers, and more and more parents are going down the cloth diaper route.  Why? Well beyond the nasty fact that your child will use approximately 6,000 disposable diapers by the age of 24 months, resulting in one ton of rubbish, disposable diapers also contain harsh chemicals that can be the cause of serious irritations and rashes on your sweet little one’s sensitive skin.  Reusable diapers can also save you a pretty penny – as much as US$1500 per year (per child!), and have even been shown to get potty training on track earlier.

For those considering the switch to reusable, here’s a look at two great brands we love:


BAMBINO MIO is made from super soft cotton blend jersey fabric with a waterproof wipe clean surface on the inside. Good for newborn babies through to children of potty training age, their award-winning two-piece and pre-folded sets can be found in loads of  baby super stores all around Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories, including Bumps to Babes and Eugene Baby Club. (See their full range of stockists here).

They also offer way more than just diapers.  Their system includes products such as nappy cleanser, nappy buckets, laundry bags and the Birth to Potty Set that make cloth diapering simple for parents who have never been exposed to cloth diapering.

charlie banana


CHARLIE BANANA offers a “2-in-1” reusable diaper system; it’s a cloth diaper but with a front panel that gives you the option to use a washable insert or a disposable insert (perfect if transitioning from disposable to reusable diapers or for when traveling).  The inner layer is made of a seriously soft fleece that is hypoallergenic, stain free, and quick-drying (which keeps your baby’s bottom dry and rash free).  Available at a number of retailers including MotherCare, Bumps to Babes, Tiny Footprints, and Baby Central (see full list here).

They also have a fab fashion line with famed graphic designer  Matthew Langille who has previously worked with Marc Jacobs and Victoria’s Secret. With whimsical designs, punchy colors and retro graphics it’s amazing how far reusable nappies have evolved from the days of cloth held together safety pins!

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