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Thinking about a local school but worried about homework? Sassy Mama Chinese language and culture expert Kate Zhou answers your questions!

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I want to send my kids to a local school but am worried that I won’t be able to help them with their homework. Do you have any tips?

If you don’t know the language, you obviously cannot help them in any language related subjects. But there is no reason why you wouldn’t be able to be involved in their math, sciences, history… and so on. The language in which your child will be learning will be different, but the content is the same, or similar. Two plus two in any language is still four!

But since the language of instruction will not be your child’s native language, expect that he or she might struggle a little until they are fluent. If they have had a Chinese-speaking nanny from infancy and are already comfortable with the language, then it won’t be too much of an issue. But remember, already fluent or not, commit to having a native speaker tutor for your child. This will provide him or her with the much needed language support outside school. 

Kate welcomes your Chinese language and culture questions, so pop them below the line and we’ll get our expert on the case, mama!

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