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Essential Travel Accessories For Exploring Hong Kong

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It looks like we’re spending another long, hot summer in Hong Kong.

With restrictions easing, we’re looking forward to exploring more of Hong Kong’s hidden gems. As you’ll be getting off the beaten path it’s important to make sure you don’t forget any essential items – for you or the kids! Don’t worry, we’re here to help with this handy guide of what travel accessories to pack (and where to get them) when discovering the far-flung corners of Hong Kong.

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eco repell coconut matter insect repellant

Insect Repellant

As much as we love getting back to nature, we certainly don’t appreciate the bites from midges and mosquitos! And neither do our kids. As a mama who is feasted upon (a trait my kids, unfortunately, seem to have inherited), protection from the creepy crawlies is essential. To protect sensitive skin there are some great natural brands like the new ECOrepel DEET-free repellant from Coconut Matter or the wristbands and tags offered by PARA’KITO (widely available at supermarkets and speciality stores). However, what many mums swear by, is not a repellant at all but rather Avon Skin So Soft oil spray. AvonInDB stocks it and can deliver all over Hong Kong.

Sassy Mama tip: Personally I go for the double layer. A spray of Skin So Soft on any exposed skin, followed by a spray over clothes.

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sunscreen for babies and children in Hong Kong Cancer Council

Sun Protection In Hong Kong

We might be racing out to the beach or the pool in an effort to cool off, but protecting your kids’ delicate skin from the blistering UV rays is vital! Baby Central, Petit Tippi and The Flying Fox all stock a good range of sunscreen. Also be sure to pack the hat, sunglasses and lightweight, breathable clothes to cover up.

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swell food container travel

Eating And Drinking On The Go

If you’re headed to some of the more remote areas of Hong Kong, one thing is for sure — you’ll need supplies! In the summer, plenty of water is essential, but so too are snacks to keep energy levels up. You’ll want to keep drinks icy cold and food fresh. Tried and tested brands are the Hydro Flask insulated kids drink bottle available at Live Zero, as well as the S’Well stainless steel food containers and drink bottles. Both are available at Thorn & Burrow.

If you have a lot of water to carry, consider a hydration bladder to go in your backpack (and your kids if they’re strong enough for a backpack). They are light-weight, carry large quantities and can be accessed hands-free.

Sassy Mama tip: Fill the S’well food container with hot boiling water and use this to heat baby bottles on the go.

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Hong Kong towel travel accessories


One thing is certain, you’ll be wanting to cool down! With many hiking trails taking you to gorgeous waterfalls, swimming holes or finishing at the beach, packing your swimmers is essential. Check out this handy guide for the best kids’ swimwear stores in Hong Kong for our recommendations. Don’t forget your towel either! A Turkish towel is a great lightweight, quick-drying option. We love the collection by Teresa’s Turkish Towels and the Hong Kong Towel by Tiny Island Maps.

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Phil & Teds hiking carrier

Hiking And Travel Accessories For Kids

Decathlon stocks a good range of affordable kids hiking shoes. We particularly like these sturdy Quechua hiking sandals. They’ll protect those tiny toes but are also light and airy.

If your little one’s legs aren’t quite up for walking long distances, you might like to invest in a specialized hiking carrier, or general baby carrier for day tripping. Phil & Teds specialise in travel accessories for kids and we’re a big fan of the Escape Carrier (complete with sunshade!). 

A fully stocked travel first aid kit is also a must-have. You don’t want a couple of scrapes and cuts to ruin your day. At the very least it should contain antiseptic wipes, bandages and plasters, but it is also useful to have sting relief, safety pins and saline water.

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Featured image courtesy of Getty, image 1 courtesy of Coconut Matter, image 2 courtesy of Cancer Council, image 3 courtesy of Thorn & Burrow, image 4 courtesy of Tiny Island Maps, image 5 courtesy of Baby Central.

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