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Where Your Teens Can Hang Out This Summer In Hong Kong

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Got a bored teen? From game rooms to trampoline parks, laser tag, pottery painting and a whole lot more, here’s where your teenagers can hang out this summer break. Go through these suggestions of things for teenagers to do in Hong Kong.

You can practically see the eye roll when you hear the word “teenagers”. Not only are they notoriously hard to please, but they also get into the latest crazes faster than most parents can keep up. They might be older than their years in so many ways (as we’re sure our 13-year-old selves can relate!), but they’re still children at heart. What they want most are fun and engaging activities they can document on Snapchat and Instagram. While we’re busy trying to keep them out of LKF, it’s hard for them to find spots that will both entertain them and appeal to their age group. So we’ve done some research and rounded up the best places your teenagers can hang out this summer (you may even be allowed to tag along on rare occasions!).

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Editor’s Note: The situation in Hong Kong regarding closures and restrictions on opening hours due to the coronavirus is constantly evolving. Please note the following:

  • While all information here was correct at the time of publication, it’s best that your teens call ahead and check before stepping out.
  • Book in a slot in advance as most places now offer limited spaces due to social distancing restrictions.
  • Remind your children to follow all hygiene and safety precautions while out in a group.
  • Many businesses are taking extra precautions, but please make sure you follow the latest government advice and get your teens to stay home if they have recently travelled overseas, have interacted with anyone who has been away, or display any symptoms.

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Indoor Games That Teenagers In Hong Kong Will Love

Where teens can hangout laser tag parties

Laser Tag

Calling all adrenaline junkies! Laser tag requires teamwork and is perfect for a rainy afternoon or even a party. Offered by Laser Woods (now available only for group events and bookings, so ideal for your teen’s birthday) and Resalaser, the game uses laser guns and maze-like low light venues decorated with neon lights to transport you to an exciting world of sci-fi.

Where teens can hangout archery tag parties

Archery Tag & Bubble Soccer

Archery Tag is a cross between paintball, archery and dodgeball and is a growing sport in the city. The exciting, action-packed game features recurve bows and foam-tipped arrows. Because it requires larger groups starting at eight people, this is a great place to keep in mind for birthday parties or special events as well (as social distancing restrictions ease and the situation improves). Bubble Soccer can be played indoors or outdoors. It’s a hilarious game where players are suited up in huge inflatable plastic bubbles before playing against each other. You can safely roll or bounce off each other. Trying not to laugh hysterically may be the hardest part of the game!

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Where teens can hangout bowling parties

Bowling Alleys

Lace up your bowling shoes and try your hand at knocking down some pins at one of the many alleys situated around town. Whether you’re an expert or just hoping to strike lucky, Tikitiki in Sai Kung is one of our faves, with gorgeous island-themed interiors and a restaurant with a generous selection of food and drink. Looking to save some money? Try the SCAA in Causeway Bay, where you can pay $200 for a membership (alternatively, your teenager can pay $100 for a teen membership) and bowl at $28 to $43 per game, depending on the day of the week. See our list below for other bowling options around town:

Where teens can hangout indoor parties

Indoor Play Areas For Teens

Looking for an Ocean Park or Disneyland alternative? If the weather isn’t cooperating and you’re in want of something indoors, Hong Kong has everything from indoor rock-climbing arenas to arcades, trampoline parks and themed activity parks to choose from. An easy way to keep the kids (and you!) entertained for the day.

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Where teens can hangout karaoke parties

Karaoke Rooms In Hong Kong

Who wouldn’t want to belt out their favourite jams with friends? The many karaoke rooms dotted around Hong Kong are here to serve that purpose. With no age restrictions, Red MR Karaoke and Music Box are our top picks for their selection of English songs, while Neway remains the most popular in the city among locals.

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Crafting Options For Teenagers In Hong Kong

Where teens can hangout art jam parties

Art Jamming

Got young ones with plenty of creativity? Let them try their hands at Art Jamming, where they can express themselves with paint. Budding Van Goghs and Picassos can create to their hearts’ content at its studio in Wong Chuk Hang. With various grades of canvases on offer, let the paints flow, and expect a pile to start building up at home vying for wall space! You could join your child (if you’d like), as the studio is open for artists of all ages and hang out together for a fun afternoon with your teenager. Just make sure to call ahead to check for slot availability, as it operates on a first-come-first-served basis. See our list below for more art options around town:

Where teens can hangout pottery parties

Pottery Making & Painting

Let your teens get their hands dirty while making something useful. We love the idea of a space for ceramic makers of all levels, from professionals to hobbyists to join (some of the workshops and classes prefer children to be 15 years and up, so call and check). There are tons of options around Hong Kong, offering wheel-throwing, hand-building, slipcasting and more. If you love the idea of pottery but don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty of it, you can always pick a pre-made piece and paint one! Here are some pottery making and painting workshops where your teenagers can hang out and get creative together:

Where teens can hangout candles parties

Candle Making

Looking to capture those fun summertime memories into a jar? For those who are planning to create a unique scent to remember or looking for an indoor activity with the teens, there is plenty of light-hearted options around the city. With a variety of courses to choose from (we’re talking gemstone candles, scented candles, and even floating candles!), rest assured there’s something for teenagers (and mamas!) of every skill level and artistic preference. Some studios are currently only hosting private classes due to the ongoing pandemic, so be sure to call in advance for specific course offerings. 

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Movies For Teenagers To Enjoy This Summer

Where teens can hangout movie parties

Nothing says summertime like a few classic romcoms and summer blockbusters. With cinemas finally reopening (even though popcorns are still not allowed!), teenagers now have the option of leaving their bedroom and computer screen for the IMAX experience. Whether your teenagers are looking to hang out at the cinemas and check out the latest films, or host a socially distanced Netflix Party with their overseas buddies, here are some options to keep them entertained this summer:

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Brain Games & Activities For Teenagers In Hong Kong

Where teens can hangout boardgames parties

Board Games Cafés

There are tons of board game cafés dotted around Hong Kong with most offering a wide range so your teen is bound to find something to suit their fancy. Even parents on the hunt for a family game night activity will like the extensive collections. Jolly Thinkers is a classic and Wheat and Wood offers inclusive and casual games as well as a lot of space to hang out!

Where teens can hangout escape rooms parties

Escape Rooms In Hong Kong

Let your smart teenager flex those problem-solving muscles in an escape room! Located in the city’s hotspots like Mong Kok and Causeway Bay, participants are locked in a room with a specific scenario and need to use clues, solve riddles, and complete puzzles to escape. Full of mystery and excitement, these games are at once cognitively challenging and great for building teamwork skills. There are several options to choose from in the 852 — LOST Hong Kong is a great option, with varying scenario rooms all based on historical events at different levels of difficulty.  Lost Juinor is a great option for those below 14 years if you have young teens and tweens itching to have some fun without the parents in tow. For those interested in a more high-tech experience, Freeing HK offers a 360˚ VR escape room (check the language of instruction before booking as most are in Chinese).

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Workshops For Teenagers In Hong Kong

Where teens can hangout DJ parties

DJ Lessons

Everyone enjoys music in some way, shape, or form, and if your teenager is interested in making music (and wants to do something different from the traditional piano classes), why not give DJ lessons a shot? This modern twist on classic instrument lessons is becoming increasingly popular in Hong Kong and will provide your next Calvin Harris with a new way to enjoy music.

Where teens can hangout photography parties

Photography & Filmmaking Workshops

If your kid’s got an artistic eye, a photography workshop might be right up their alley. Hong Kong Photography Workshop was founded in 2011, based on the idea that camera manuals simply didn’t measure up, and it’s been running workshops for beginners and amateurs ever since. With classes on basics, street and night photography, and an introduction to Lightroom to help you polish up your photos, it’s got all you need. Private lessons are also on offer, but you’ll have to call ahead and book your place, as class sizes are small and tend to fill up quickly. See our list below for more options around town:

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All-Time Teen Hangout Favourites

Where teens can hangout beach parties

Want to spend some time hanging out with your teenager? These all-time favourite activities are perfect for family bonding.

Things Teens Can Do In Hong Kong: Plan A Day At The Beach

If your teen is looking to enjoy a day out in the sun, Hong Kong has a wealth of beautiful beaches that are only a short hop on public transport away, if you’re not already lucky enough to have one within walking distance! Those seeking a little more privacy on a smaller, more remote beach might prefer a junk boat trip. Most will even do catering packages, so grab your friends and their kids (or your teenager’s friends) and prepare for a little getaway. Just be sure to bring sunscreen and don a swimsuit if you plan to get your feet a little wet!

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Things Teens Can Do In Hong Kong: Hiking

Hong Kong may be best known for its skyscrapers and closely packed buildings, but there’s also plenty of nature to explore in this concrete jungle. The city has many great hiking paths, with something for everyone, whether you’re an amateur or a professional. Take any of the incredibly convenient public transportation out to a trail and enjoy a day (or night) out reconnecting with Mother Nature and your teenager. There’s no better way to get some exercise than up on a hill, taking in amazing views of the city from up high (not to mention all the Insta-worthy shots!). 

Where teens can hangout park parties

Things Teens Can Do In Hong Kong: Visit A Public Park

The Hong Kong government has invested a good amount of money in creating these welcome breaks from our towering buildings, making it a great spot for teenagers to hang out this summer. If your teen is one for animals, Kowloon Park is home to a variety of birds in bright colours, including pink flamingos and blue and yellow macaws. Young naturalists can also pay the Zoological and Botanical Gardens a visit, where they house meerkats, ring-tailed lemurs and elongated tortoises. Make a day of it in Tamar Park with your child (or any of the parks, really) by bringing a hamper and a picnic blanket, and people watch and play card games to your heart’s content. For more information on other parks, you can click here.

  • Kowloon Park, 22 Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • Zoological and Botanical Gardens, Albany Road, Central, Hong Kong
  • Tamar Park, Harcourt Road, Admiralty, Hong Kong
  • Jordan Valley Park, 71 New Clear Water Bay Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Things Teens Can Do In Hong Kong: Splash Out At The Pool

This is another family favourite! Beat the heat by spending a day by (or in!) the pool! Hong Kong has lots of indoor, outdoor, and even natural pools dotted around the city, with something for any budget.

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Where teens can hangout libraries parties

Public Libraries In Hong Kong

With 70 static locations and 12 mobile ones, a public library can be just the place for some quiet alone time for your teens. Our favourite is the Central Library in Causeway Bay, with a wealth of facilities and the largest collection of books. You can go along too as there is enough variety of books, audiotapes and DVDs for everyone. Be sure to check out the new arrivals rack and if they want to take something home at the end of the day, getting a library card is as easy as filling in a form –  you can even register your HKID as a library card. For more information on public libraries, you can click here.

Sassy Mama Tip: To avoid fines, renew your book loan or even request for a book to be transported to the closest library to you, get the public libraries app on your phone. Simply log in and you’ll be sent reminders to renew or return your books – so no more marking calendars.

  • Hong Kong Central Library, 66 Causeway Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong, 

Sightseeing In Hong Kong

Arguably, one of the best things about Hong Kong is that it really doesn’t matter how long you’ve lived in this city, there’s always something to see. Tell your teens to grab their cameras, turn on their map apps and go out to explore! If they are willing to let you tag along, we recommend taking a sightseeing bus tour to ensure you cover all the big tourist attractions. Want to be a little more subtle? We’ve got a roundup of free things to do to get you started.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally written by Carrie Johnson on 10, April 2017, updated by Sakina Abidi on 26, June 2019 and got a further update by Lydia Ching in July 2021. Thank you to Lucia Lau for her help with this article.

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