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What Families Leaving Hong Kong Love Most About #HomeKong

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You can leave this city, but it will never leave you. We speak to families that are leaving Hong Kong and find out what they are most going to miss the most about #HomeKong.

Many expats come to Hong Kong expecting to be here just for a short stint. More than a couple of years and a few kids later, they often find that this city has now become home and they just couldn’t think of relocating. If the day does come though and it is time for you to pack up and leave this city, what will you take with you? We spoke to five Sassy Mamas to find out what they feel about leaving Hong Kong.

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Kate Fahey, Freelance Writer: What Reminds You Most About Hong Kong?

“The classic blue and white ginger jars that have pride of place in our living room. They remind us of fun afternoons when we had on-tap babysitting!”

What do you miss most about Hong Kong?

Aside from our amazing helper Marie, I most miss how much of a hub Hong Kong is. It was so easy to visit so much of Asia and places like Australia which we would never have done so regularly from the UK.

Aside from their friends, the kids miss the beaches and swimming in outdoor pools. Here, even in the height of summer in the UK, they come out of the sea with their teeth chattering!

Was there any gift or souvenir you got from Hong Kong that’s precious to you?

Other than the ginger jars we bought in a crazy ceramics workshop in Kowloon after a boozy brunch, there is also our set of The Lion Rock Press Christmas tree decorations – we have loved taking them out each year and being reminded of all the things we loved about Hong Kong, from dumplings to dragons and taxis to lanterns.

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Samantha Tracey, Photographer: My Favourite Place In Hong Kong

“Shek O – the beach, the beautiful headland and the chilled island vibe draws me back every time. This was not only my favourite place to take clients for photoshoots but also my favourite place to hang out.”

What was your kids’ favourite place in Hong Kong?

Ocean Park! My son loved the penguin enclosure, and my daughter couldn’t get enough of all the rides. Throw in the epic views from the cable car and you have the perfect day out!

Is there any gift or souvenir from Hong Kong that’s precious to you?

I was gifted a beautiful mahjong box from some lovely friends. They bought it in Stanley Market which means even more as we used to live just across the road, and it was one of our favourite places to wander around with the kids on a spare afternoon.

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Manisha Nair, Stylist: What I Miss After Leaving Hong Kong

“I miss the proximity to “framily [friends + family]” living in the same building was a major silver lining especially once COVID hit.” 

What about your daughter?

She misses her besties so much. We can’t wait to see them again!

What have you carried with you to Austin, Texas?

Our memories, our connections to Hong Kong, but also some of my clothes! Some of my favourite stores are still United Tokyo and Initial!

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Stuti Sharma, Curiositykids Founder: What’s Most Special About Hong Kong

“Hong Kong is wonderful when it comes to access to hikes and natural beauty! I miss that!”

What do your kids miss the most?

They miss their school in Hong Kong, their friends and the football club!

Was there any gift or souvenir you got from Hong Kong that’s precious to you?

I was given a beautiful painting of Hong Kong with a tram from Kapok (which has many stores across the city). The painting is called CIAOLINK and it’s part of the Farewell HK series.

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Talia Sanchez, Circular Wellness Founder: What #HomeKong Means To Me

“Living in Hong Kong always made me feel like I hit the travel jackpot. I could hop on a plane and be somewhere new and wonderful in a few hours. And the city itself is not short of amazing nature spots, beaches, and some good and challenging hikes.”

What did you enjoy doing as a family?

My little one was still a wee baby when we lived in Hong Kong but our absolute favourite thing to do as a family was to hike or take the ferry from Discovery Bay to Mui Wo, have lunch at China Beach Club and spend the rest of the afternoon on the beach or in the kiddie park. Hong Kong has everything – city life, wildlife, nature, and a wonderful fusion of international and local cultures.

We also had wonderful memories made at some fabulous staycations.

What are your favourite Hong Kong souvenirs?

Before we left we visited Tung Street, in Sheung Wan for some special trinkets and Shanghai Street for some unique ceramics and kitchen finds.

We were also gifted some wonderful memories such as Hong Kong maps from Tiny Island Maps, and some beautiful music boxes of Hong Kong from a Wooderful Life Hong Kong.

But our most precious souvenir of all would be our little bundle of joy Aksel who was proudly born in Hong Kong.

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Main image courtesy of Getty, images 1, 2, 3 and 4 courtesy of the lovely mamas featured, image 5 courtesy of Jan Baushh for Talia Sanchez. 

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