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Health Box*: How Freshly Prepared Nutritious Meals Helped Reset My Diet Goals

health box
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Pre-portioned, nutritious and delicious meals delivered straight to your door

*Editor’s note: This business is now closed.

With my busy schedule, it’s rare that I get the chance to make it home in time to join the kiddos for dinner. Like many working parents, I do make it a point to be home to do the nighttime routine with my kids (bath, bedtime stories, tuck ins etc.) throughout the week. One thing that does take the back burner is what hubby and I eat – especially for dinner. On many occasions, we’ll be too tired from the day to cook, so we’ll either nosh on the kids’ leftovers or order in (but let’s get real – we’re ordering in 80% of the time already). 

And for the most part, much of what is on offer to order is usually comfort food which means healthy choices are out the window. Thankfully for me (and my waistline!), I was introduced to Health Box HK. Now, I’m going to let you know that I’ve tried healthy food subscription boxes before but have always found the flavours to be bland and uninspiring. I was a bit weary of checking Health Box HK out, but after hearing good things, I decided there was no harm giving it a try.

beef salad

The very motto of Health Box HK is to “Eat clean, get lean” which was exactly what I wanted to do. They provide customised meal plans to help people achieve their health and physical goals. Whether that’s to lose weightbulk up or they just want to reset their healthy eating habits.

What’s more, they go beyond your typical food delivery by also providing tips on how to improve your eating habits and how to achieve your fitness goals with advice from the team of experts. It’s simple, you get fresh, carefully prepared and delicious meals delivered straight to your door.

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Before you order, the website gives you the option to choose what type of meal plan based on your calorie counter and then fill out the customised meal plan form. I went with Weight Control which is designed as low carb diet plan. Most of the meals are designed to use meat and a range of veggies to sustain the diet. Everything is carefully measured and portioned out which will have a lower calorie amount which has a low glycaemic index (GI) which makes you feel fuller, longer. Perfect.

I had originally asked for the delivery to be sent to my office, but at the last minute decided for the delivery to be sent home. That way I would have no excuse like, “Oh darn, I left my meals in the fridge at work.” to fall back on. Health Box was able to alert the delivery driver immediately so that my meals came to the right place at the right time. Talk about service!

When the food finally arrived, I have to say that on first impressions, it looked similarly to what I had tried before with another health food delivery. But when I warmed it up and took my first bite, I immediately tasted the difference. The food was delicious and surprisingly, didn’t taste “healthy” at all! I almost felt like I was cheating on my diet goals as it was so good! Every meal was different and offered a variety of protein, veggie and cuisine which kept my tastebuds happy.

After spending three days on the meal plan, I was reminded that fresh and healthy food can be delicious. It was the perfect reset for me to make better choices in what I consume. Health Box HK has partnered up with Bless Juice for the perfect lunch time combo. For $150, you can receive a nutrition packed meal box with a freshly pressed juice. Yes, please!

If you’re looking to get your health and diet back in shape, definitely check out Health Box to help you get started in the right direction again.


Featured image sourced via Health Box HK Facebook page

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